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Winter 2017 Wrap-up! (+ Spring…

4 years ago | filed under Anime, Regular
Time to wrap-up things, people! I must say that in entirety, this season was pretty slow. I have favorites but NGL I have never dropped so many series as fast as I have for this season. Says so much how I loathed some of them (OK, two of them to be more precise!). Ah…let’s get the show rolling~ 1. 3-gatsu no Lion – aw~ I guess my favorite parts of the series won’t be included but that’s OK! If I were to sum up the experience, it’s still a pretty solid anime adaptation. Sure I was grumbling over the excessive 

Winter 2017 Anime First Impression!

4 years ago | filed under Anime, Regular
It’s that time again. I usually wait for at least 4-5 episodes before I give first impressions but I decided to change that and give my verdict (lol verdict!) after the premiere or first two eps. Why? Because my first impression and wrap-up are too close for comfort! >.< So I decided why not change it! And besides it’s called first impression! So it should live up to the title! LOL Anyway, there’s nothing really WOW me, I mean there are couple of anime I do love (like three of them) but I’m still keeping up with the rest because 

Fall 2016 Wrap-up! (+ Winter…

4 years ago | filed under Anime, Regular
Ah, it feels like the three months just flew by and here I am jotting down my last impression of the anime I’ve watched this fall!  It was fairly good line-up despite how messed up the schedule for me (everything was stuck in the weekends!) Of course, I dropped one show (sorry Bloodivores, I just totally forgot and the lack of motivation didn’t help at all). I also didn’t try the two of the series I thought I’ll try! 1. 3-gatsu no Lion – Love!  But sometimes it feels like Shaft is putting too much “artistry” with the framing and