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  • 2018 / 12 / 30

    Salute to Twenty Eighteen: A Throwback!!

    Can you believe it? 2018 is ending in a few days. And so it’s time to reflect how the year went (for me). For starters, I think 2018 has some of the best ups and downs of recent memory (happy to say more ups) and with that I’m very thankful (even though I’ve never expected to cry this much in front of the same person while asserting myself of what I wanted). In turn, I have learned so much about—

  • 2017 / 12 / 29

    Twenty Seventeen: A Throwback!

    Honestly, I don’t know how to describe 2017,  on one hand there were memorable things that happened, on the other there were some not-so-fun as well! If last year was meh, this year is ‘dunno’! Yeah, like I’m not sure what to think of it but it’ll be terrible if I say 2017 sucks because like I said there were good things that happened! BUT!!! Even though the not-so-good kinda outweighed the good ones in my memory, I’m still optimistic—

  • 2016 / 12 / 31

    Twenty Sixteen: Throwback

    When it comes to some things, I try my best to be optimistic! (for a naturally debbie downer that’s big!) But for me 2016 was kind, sorta, maybe—definitely…MEH? I was beaming with positivism and excitement when the year started but not everything I had in mind happened. BUT!!! It doesn’t mean that it was an awful year altogether! Sure there were things that I certainly wanted to blossom but it didn’t. But there were things that I didn’t expect did—

  • 2015 / 12 / 31

    2015: A throwback!

    2015 was a blast! I have accomplished things, acquired new hobbies, then made bold changes (which I’ll explain briefly later). I think if I were to concise this year into one word, it’ll be eventful. Yes, that’s right that was what I felt for 2015. And that’s a great thing. I’m so happy that I’m always blessed with great things. God never falters. Thank You! Let’s start recapping yo~. Trending Topics of 2015! Breaking some stereotypes!, In which I discuss—

  • 2014 / 12 / 30

    2014 Throwback!

    #hottopicsoftheyear: Confession time; one that it’s hard to admit. ; That rare occasion when I actually paid attention to my blog’s stats.; You disliked the one they loved. ;Book blogging trends that I haven’t done—yet? (no pic); How personal is your book blog?; Is book blogging hard? & How crucial is social media to our blogs? Hi, y’all! I was MIA for past few days because I wasn’t feeling well but I’m ok now (still not in my 100% self—

  • 2013 / 12 / 29

    2013 Throwback!

    Hi, y’all, I’m posting again but let me look back on what happened at Aeropapers this year. Lots of first had happened for me this year, both personal and book blogging wise.  Some were awesome; others are too painful to still talk about. So I’ll spare myself from reminiscing that part of my life. Anyhoo, here is Aeropaper’s Awesome Moments in 2013: A Throwback! Bookish Events Book Signing:  It’s my first time to attend a book signing and with none—