Author: C.C. Hunter
Series: (Shadow Falls #3)
Published: April 10th 2012 by St. Martin’s Press

This book is one massive labyrinth. There are a lot of passages I need to get through—dark ones before I reached the goal. It was exhausting. There are fun times though. But I felt drained. When I gotten to my desired destination, I don’t feel fulfilled.  It wasn’t a rewarding moment.

You have no have any idea how much I wanted to know what Kylie was. That’s why I compared this book to a maze. Because some of the things happened were dragging. It took a while before I finally got the answer. When I finally have that, I felt a little underwhelmed. Like it build up so long, continuously evading the big mystery about her identity in the first two books (actually even in this book, the revelations happened few pages before the book ended. I wish Red didn’t die. Why is it that everyone who knows what she is happens to be dead?) And then, when the author finally decided to drop the bomb, it didn’t explode. It was silent. And it pains me that it ended that way.

Some events felt detached. In my humble opinion, these could be edited out. It was obvious that it was trying to dodge the truth. And Kylie’s identity is one of the few things that keeping the plot intact. I know I sound negative, but I feel disappointed when something I loved felt short. I was patient. I’ve waited. And waited. And waited. But the way it was, was just too disappointing for words. Now that I know that Kylie is *spoiler* She’s a Chameleon. Yes, you’ve read it right that’s a lizard. But don’t worry she’s not turning into one. On a personal note, is there a more posh term for an all-rounder like her? I mean, it’s cool that she’s like a Jack-of-all-trades among supernaturals but the term is just unsophisticated in comparison to her ability. I also did not like that when she asked Mrs. Summers—Jane who is actually her grandmother, she just conveniently couldn’t remember. I was ok, I need to wait. Again. And then Daniel returned and told her who she was. I was yelling ‘finaaaaaaally!!!!!’ then when asked to elaborate he, like his mother, he conveniently doesn’t know. And so another waiting game again. And the game is tiring already. You could only stretch it limitedly. Sis said that Whispers at Moonrise is that last book. And now I have come to a conclusion that this book’s only objective is finding Kylie’s identity and the rest are fillers. Yes, even the romance. *spoiler*

I’m not gonna say, I hate it. The book exhausting as it was has fun times. Sometimes I find Della and Miranda annoying and rude. But I still liked them. I liked Perry and Miranda too. But these sub plots were cute but felt unnecessary. The book already have complicated love triangle between Kylie, Derek and Lucas. Then throw two more people like Fredericka and Ellie. The result? Too much. So adding Perry and Miranda on the mix is ample enough. It could be included but it doesn’t need to put them in the spotlight that often (the way it was in the book). I’m happy that Lucas and Kylie are together…unofficially. But it wasn’t what I expected. Something’s missing. It wasn’t sparkless but it wasn’t bright.

Waiting. That’s the name of the game. I’m still playing. But I’m not enthusiastic as I was before.