I wasn’t planning to write anything. But I realized I too also heavily rely on people’s feedback before I purchase online. And just in case you like to order from (online store based in Hong Kong), here’s my very first experience with the online store.

I do have normal manga volumes, you know published by Viz Media and Del Rey (and a couple by Tokyo Pop which sadly closed down). But I have yet to own an authentic Japanese tankoubons. I was browsing sites like honto, and cdjapan but the expensive shipping fee makes me weeps like there’s no tomorrow. It is more expensive than the actual prices, which made me reluctant to even try.


But I wanted Haikyuu! tanks. Like so bad. I learned that there’s no chance for it to get licensed (sports manga doesn’t have high demand in the US) which made me incredibly sad because it’s my favorite series to date (side by side with Tokyo Ghoul). So when I found out yesasia’s free shipping for orders $39 above, I decided to try. I asked my sister (who loves KuroBasu) to buy stuff too so we can meet the target price for free shipping (luckily for her two volumes were on sale). They cost around $7 a piece (much pricey than other stores but for bulk order, it’s so much cheaper). The dispatched took one week (since they need to get it from the warehouse) but the shipping was fast. It only took 5 days (weekends inclusive). I even thought I need to claim my package at the post office but it turned out they have courier so they just delivered to my house. No extra fees! Yay!


The packaging was nice. The books were covered with bubble wrap so no dents/creases on my tanks. They are quite smaller but they have pretty jackets (did I just compliment the book jacket, the same thing that covered hardback books? Yes I did!). Of course, it’s hard to read since it’s in Japanese but since I’m so eager to learn the language, this will motivate me even more! 頑張ります!

Knowing that there’s a store like this open a lot of doors for me! It also offers Asian entertainment merchandise; so if you’re also into kpop, jpop, anime DVDs they have also it there. Though the selection is limited (in fact some volumes I want is not there), this is still helpful! I’ll definitely order from them again! (will complete the available volumes of Haikyuu!)

PS: A tankoubon (単行本?) most often used in reference to individual volumes of a single manga, as opposed to magazines. (wiki)


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  1. Kezia says:

    AHHHH those tankoubons look pretty ME WANTS THEM AS WELL. I think they sell them in Jakarta and I might be able to ask my aunt to bring me a few copies when she’s visiting me here but I don’t like being a trouble.

    I think I’ve heard somewhere that my local publisher is going to publish Haikyuu soon. Along with Hirunaka no Ryuusei. So I guess…I will wait wait? But I’m gonna keep in mind to order from yesasia in case I get too impatient haha.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Good for you. I kinda envy you that you have local pubs that published manga. I need to import most of stuff bc there isn’t a big market for it (bc if we have then finding them isn’t a rarity).

      Don’t get too impatient, I bet the wait is worth it! 😀

  2. Megan says:

    Dammit, I wish Haikyuu!! would get licensed to be reprinted in English — it’s one of my favorite manga as well! D: I can’t read a lick of Japanese, I can only understand some words if I hear them by ear, so there’s really no point in me buying the non-translated versions… BUT I WANT THEM SO BAD. And oh my gosh, I’m looking at your pictures and YES, THE DUST JACKETS LOOK HELLA GORGEOUS.

    I think I’ll sit on it a bit. Buying $39 worth of manga is really expensive, haha, and I don’t have any real-life friends who read them. T_T But anyway, thanks for telling us about this, Mitchii!

    P.S. Do you know if Tokyo Ghoul will get officially translated to English? I want to own the volumes so bad, but I want to know if I should wait…

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Dust jackets is so pretty, even inside art is lovely as well (love the typography in KuroBasu). I’m studying Japanese so this test out what I learn.

      That’s why I asked my sister to buy as well, but we ended up exceeding the $39, haha. But it’s all worth it for me. 😀

      Tokyo Ghoul was acquired by Viz Media and they’ll be releasing the first volume on June 2015. 😀

  3. Shannelle says:

    Do they have cheaper English books than on TBD then? Or art supplies? Because if yes *digs a hole into my wallet* Oh wait, I can’t even save up to $39. *headbangs a wall*

  4. Sydney says:

    I’m SUCH a sucker for Asian culture, particularly manga and anime. At work we have every single Vampire Knight volume and it requires ALL of my self control not to purchase them all. *cries* Vampire Knight is my favorite manga because it’s the first one I ever read and has really stuck with me, so I hope to own all of the volumes some day. 🙂

    I really wish I could read Japanese. There are a ton of mangas that I love that aren’t licensed in America so if I want to buy them I have to buy the Japanese versions, but then I can’t read them! 🙁 It makes me really sad. I would love to learn the language but I feel like I would have a really hard time, and I have no one to practice it with.

    Those are gorgeous books, though! I love that they come with jackets. c: So cool!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I used to love VK until it became too weird for my taste. I did finish it but felt the ending was a little underwhelming.

      I want to learn because I want to read them as is. It’s very difficult language but I’m eager and that’s what drives me to study.

      And yes, the jackets are pretty! <3

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