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Author: Karen Ann Hopkins Series: (Temptation #1) Expected publication: June...

Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Series: (Temptation #1)
Expected publication: June 26th 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

He’s Amish. She’s not. Being together should be impossible…

That got me. I wasn’t planning on reading this book, but who wouldn’t be intrigued. The line offers something right up on my alley, romance wise. Starcrossed lovers? Yes, please. So next thing I knew I just hit the request button conceding to my romantic impulse.

I’m really intrigued with the culture of the Amish. But personally I wouldn’t be able to survive the lifestyle. There’s a lot of what I have in my modern life missing. Even considering it is impossible. Even if I was in the same situation as Rose. Rose here, is an English girl (anyone who isn’t Amish is English) and just what the blurb said she fell in love with an Amish guy, Noah. I liked the setup, their relationship was was unacceptable. And in some way the story was like about two lovers in two different periods, only without the actual time difference. Now in this kind of story I was anticipating a really intense emotion. Because why would one give up his/her entire life for someone, unless that person really worth the sacrifice. Sad to say, Noah and Rose relationship wasn’t intense as I hoped for, and probably because these two are only teenagers. But even so, I would have like if there’s a depth to their relationship. I already cringed that they fell in love the first time they met (Noah admitted it to his father). It began as an instant attraction, then some curiosity because they’re from different lifestyle, beliefs. It was a bit underdeveloped. But I wouldn’t completely say that the romance was cringe-worthy. In fact there were times that I find it, well, sweet.

I don’t have enough know-how’s of the Amish culture. I think I watched some documentaries before, and the movie Witness (with Harrison Ford) are my only references. So I wouldn’t know if it was realistically portrayed here. That said, I think I liked the representation regardless. For some, especially those who have have strong sense of feminism; it’s hard to be part of this group. I mean, guys are the ones that get to eat first. Or the how the livelihood of the entire family rest on the guys’ shoulders. For me, it was interesting to observe as an outsider, but wouldn’t dare to live the life.

Despite that obvious insta-love aspect of their relationship, I still ended up liking it (to my complete surprise). But I don’t have that deep connection for these characters as much as I wanted to. I liked Rose, but I’m still juggling in my head if it was a wise decision to abandon everything she knows, she has for a guy. Noah was nice and sweet. You know nice guys are quite rare nowadays, but this time the nice boy didn’t finish last. But I need ‘more’ because I’m still convincing myself that what Noah and Rose were trying to achieve was admirable/romantic and not…otherwise.

Aside from Rose and Noah, I really liked her brother, Sam. He’s the overprotective brother, and it was pleasant thing to read. I liked him. So I was really surprised that in the sequel (based on the sneak peek) he had his own pov. Yep, it has a sequel. Will get to see Rose if she can really do it—stand to her decision. I’m curious about it, so I might read it.

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