Graphic Novels / While I read a lot, I still have so many unfinished series that I have yet to tackle!

Confession time! Despite my obvious obsession with reading manga I still have so many series that I haven’t finished yet! Some are even popular that those who know me are always surprised whenever I bring this fact up! I’m inclined to put the series on-hold whenever the current arc is not interesting to me. This list is pretty much an attestation of that!

There are other factors that deterred me from reading: back in the days I solely relied on English translations and the availability of it. Now, purchasing it is so much easier and I learned a little bit of Japanese to get a bit of reading done! So who knows I’ll be able to finish these fellas soon!

01. Area D: Inou Ryouik (AREA D 異能領域 ) – Was immediately caught up with “prison survival action” admittedly though it’s a bit too violent for me. But my new found interest in anime and the influence of Tokyo Ghoul to my tastes did give me the good amount of satisfaction provided by this survival manga! And I like Battle Royale so this kinda gives me that vibe!

02. Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai (ダメな私に恋してください)– I loved Nakahara-sensei’s Lovely Complex but all her follow-up series were nay for me! I did try this one because this was the only josei series I’ve known by her (or is it really the only one?) It was really funny but with a touch of heart! I’m def gung-ho on continuing it! Soon hopefully!

03. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (鋼の錬金術師)– I’m hearing collective gasps from miles away! Yeah, I know this is like LEGEND! How could I not finish this?! And since I’m confessing already, yes I also haven’t finished the FMA: Brotherhood as well! But keep your pants on fellas! I will try to rectify that…in the near future…like yeah.

04. Handa-kun (はんだくん) – I only need to catch up few more chapters! I hope the ending of the manga isn’t like the anime (I want a surprise not because it was bad—it wasn’t!) I have hopes!

05. Henyoku no Labyrinth (片翼のラビリンス) – I totally forgot about it! But I’ll try to finish it because I liked the time travelling story of this shoujo series!

06. Kiss & Never Cry (キス&ネバークライ) – I think the reason I put it on-hold was because it became so gloomy and dramatic and I was like “I only signed up for the ice skating!” I loved Ginban Kishi (which I did get to finish reading, how awful of me!) and there are characters in GK that also popped up in the spin-off! Must finish this one!

07. Miseinen dakedo Kodomo ja Nai (未成年だけどコドモじゃない) – this is one of my favorite Minami Kanan series because it kinda deviated from her old formulaic smutty series. I thought the author shelved this series because I heard it was on hiatus (before she released her newest work Awa Koi) hence not finishing it! But now that I cleared that info up, I’m planning to finish this as well!

08. Nurarihyon no Mago (ぬらりひょんの孫) – I know! Cue in another round of collective gasps! And like FMA I haven’t finish the anime too. Yeah, go slap me on the face! I’m so far behind!!!

09. Ojou-sama wa Oyome-sama (お嬢様はお嫁様) – read it before but no English translation so nope! But I really, really enjoyed this series! And the art of the author is really pretty so I must finish this, too!

10. Tegami Bachi (テガミバチ) – Gaaahhhh, another one! This was just not so recently concluded so I have no excuse. And like FMA and Nurarihyon no Mago I haven’t finished the anime, at least this time just the second season! So many to read, so little time!

Image banner: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi © Hiromu Arakawa. Shounen Gangan. Square Enix. Studio BONES