Fiction / I've read so many books and graphic novels and it feels amazing!

When new year comes, I’m always excited with all the new series I’m gonna discover and read. I know it’s kind so faraway but I think of the series that will eventually be part of my year-ender special, Best of the Best post and it just makes me giddy.  I love the feeling that there’s a series out there, whether it’s just coming out or I haven’t read before that are waiting for me to be read. But after years and years of reading, and it becoming part of my lifestyle (you can always see me reading!) I realized I’ve read so many books and graphic novels and now that sinks in, it kinda feels amazing. I’m proud of myself and if you’re read-a-holic like me then you know what all these feels.

Granted that I don’t have a lot of hobbies  but I feel like if I don’t read something is missing with my daily schedule. So I make time to read. I read during my free time and before I sleep (sometimes it I’m not up to task to choose a new read I just re-read some series to help me fall asleep). Also, one of my goals this year is to read the Bible in its entirety! I just love reading.

So for a person like me who reads a lot, like daily-a-lot kind, who have continuously to do so in I think almost a decade now…it’s no surprise that my shelves are overflowing with books.  Both my physical and virtual libraries. And it’s amazing (I know this post mostly like a humble brag  but I just feel so accomplished to have discovered and enjoyed tons of amazing series (and counting)! And you know about they say about reading? It is like traveling with leaving that comfort of your home (or any of your go-to reading places).

Reading is like travel, allowing you to exit your own life for a bit, and to come back with a renewed, even inspired, perspective.

— Laurie Helgoe, Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength

So maybe reading is my escape (most of time…? *hides*) but it’s also a huge enjoyment. The passion for reading is really there for me, to think that I wasn’t a reader when I was younger (to my past self you missed a lot but don’t worry I’m compensating by reading so much now). The prospect of numbers increasing just makes me smile.  If you read a lot you should congratulate yourself, too. It’s amazing to read so many!!