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And by attention, I meant I was curious enough to...

And by attention, I meant I was curious enough to know my visitor’s activities when they visit my blog. Some take their time browsing and others leave immediately (after seeing that they will not get anything from me, I really don’t blame them :P). I have in house web analyzer and I still use a third party site like statcounter. Yeah, for someone who doesn’t care, I sure have done a bit of effort to install this stuff, is that what you’re saying? One, it’s part of the package deal, and two, it’s really easy to install. And honestly, I only do this as a counter measure (not to stalk you guys); let’s say someone was so inspired by site before. But that’s a thing of the past, I really don’t call them out but honestly, if I get too much traffic from one person it arouses my curiosity.

Ah, don’t worry, the only time I paid attention if I installed a new one for another site of mine, which happened recently. I decided to check my stats while I was doing it and see what’s up. And I’m incredibly surprised these little tidbits that I found out.

People put me in their blogroll; Aasfshfdlsjsjsalkflg!

Like whoa? Me? You’re linking me?! I don’t have blogroll but in case you’re wondering if I have blogs that I love, of course I do. But I’m doing it ninja style, I’m inconspicuous—er, maybe not. The most obvious clue is I comment frequently. I only follow a handful of blogs via RSS. Ones I’m committed on interacting to the bloggers. Snobbish? Perhaps, but somehow I’m more inclined on building friendship with these bloggers rather than a bunch of strangers as followers.

They liked my blog! They liked my blog!

It’s a bit connected to #1, but nothing makes me blush furiously when someone said they were inspired by my blog (when I was mentioned in their blog post or something and they decided to check my blog out). Might be my design or something else, I’m so happy to know that I’m appreciated. I love you, too, you gorgeous people!

Most of my visitors are from US?!! O.O

Before, Philippines (where I live) is where I got most of my hits. But according to my stats (this month), 43.60% are from US?!!! And only 25.40% are from Philippines. I was truly shocked and bit petrified since I write awkwardly and messes my post often so ugh, I’m embarrassed. But seriously I’m still shocked!

My visitors are directed by weird key terms.  o.O

Let me tell you this I’m not offering anything for downloads so might as well give that up! I don’t have 17++ posts either. My posts are rated GP even though I review adult/new adult books. I keep my terms teen friendly!

But for most parts, key words like the book title and characters are still what drove them here. It surprises me somehow because I have many competitions for that attention. Not that I’m competing, I just still found that bit interesting.

So how about you? Do you care about your statistics? Do you also sometimes check your visitors’ activities during their visit? Care to share it with me so I don’t feel like a complete stalker by doing this?!

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