You know what, I still have some genres or subjects that I won’t read but it’s unlike the reader me before who was a cautious little rascal when it comes to her choices. While it’s thrilling to say that I sometimes seek reads that are different from what I normally consume but that isn’t all there is to it. I still find reading stories that fall under my normal/typical list more ‘comforting’.  But yes, sometimes I look out or consider stories out of my comfort zone.

If you know me, you should know how much I love Tokyo Ghoul 東京喰種 「トーキョーグール」. Now, if this is the otaku me of before I probably will give it a pass because honestly it’s not what I normally read. But being a bibliophile sure opened lots of doors and that is why I got to try and gratefully found another favorite in it. So sometimes chancing it might give you a good surprise!

Having spouted all that, I don’t think I’m all open and ready to try everything!  I mean, rare times I want something different but the me who is more comfortable on something that has been tried and tested (like other things in my life) still rule over curiosity. I think that’s OK, there’s a reason why it is called ‘comfort zone,’ I—speaking for myself here—want more of that comfort than shock value! And yes, not all the times I tried I ended up liking it. Half of the time I was shaking my head telling myself yeah, I didn’t like it like I was told. (Sorry self you ask for comfort and I didn’t give it.)

But it’s alright to gamble.  That’s why it’s a gamble I’ll never know if I will like it or not despite being out of my comfort zone. Also, and honestly speaking, not even stories I thought were part of the ‘comfort zone’ were good reads as well. So I think with the same mindset, in the unusual occasion that I want something bold, brash and exciting…something that comfort is not main criteria, it’s alright to venture! Maybe there’s a light at the end of tunnel, who knows?!

— Credits: The image banner used in this post is from makeupsavvy. Thank you very much!