Fiction / Once a reader always a reader, no matter what I really love reading!

Funny thing is I wasn’t a fan of reading when I was younger!  When Twilight hit the big screen and people were gaga over which team they were part of that was when I decided to ‘check’ it out. I ended up reading Twilight series in one week. Yes, me, the same person who abhorred reading had actually read and enjoyed a book series! Not one book. Now two. But four! This was the game changer to me.

Back before the whole Twilight scene entered the picture, I dragged reading…fiction or otherwise. Yes, even manga. I only read manga of the series I actually loved. I didn’t read manga as intense as I do now. I was more of anime watcher (since long running series was the trend before) so I didn’t see a reason why I should read when I thought then the other option was more pleasing. I didn’t read any graphic novels that are not Japanese in origin as well (yes, my ugly elitist past is very petty). It was very restricting. But look at me now, enjoying tons of series, webtoons, manhua, manhwa! I get ‘em right here!

Now that I’m older I find my solace in reading.  Actually, I prefer reading than watching. I mean I enjoy my anime but not in the same extreme sense like before. I enjoy reading my manga: it’s faster, it’s accessible and just something that I find easier to consume than watching an entire anime series. That’s why I actually liked that anime run by season now as oppose to long running like before.

The fun of reading didn’t happen to me so easily. I wish it did though but I don’t think I was so late in the game.  I started reading like religiously when I was in my early twenties. I stop “temporarily” reading novels for now, but I’m trying to rectify that! I guess I have those phases but the reader in me won’t change anymore. I sometimes reread books I love, still…I just don’t tell them because I do it in random and only my favorite moments for most parts. But that itself I still considered reading. Words I love them! I love the solitude and quietness that reading bring to me. It’s relaxing to enjoy my favorite piece of literature!

So I’m so happy that I found the fun in reading.  If I said to the younger, naïve version of myself she won’t probably believe the adult me: one that hoarded lots of books; that read generous amount of graphic novels in the past years—every kind, comfort zone withstanding! And now prefers reading than watching. The fun of reading was just lying dormant for years and when it was awoken there was no turning back. Reading is fun y’all!