Finding new reads isn’t an easy task…while it is easy to consider the books/manga I want to read but sometimes I just stack them up in a pile and let them rot for eternity…yes, I’m 100% #tsundoku. So when I say I don’t have anything to read, what I really mean is “I don’t have anything I’m in the mood to read for.” Ah, my mood always gets the best of me. *ugly sobbing in the corner*

You have the pile of TBR to pull the ‘I want to read this now moment’ – the pretty much explain the phenomena that is hoarding of books/titles…

Now, finding new reads is always something I deliberately do.  Before when I was in my bookish phase, I scoured goodreads for new reads. Since I’m quite an organized of a person, (well, sometimes…but not in all aspects of my life.) I listed down the books I plan to read. If it’s something I’m very excited about, I’ll read it the moment it comes out *coughs* Ignite Me and all the other faves series sequels *coughs* or sometimes I will still get them, store them and get them back when I’m in the mood to read it. But I make sure I have access to it immediately. That’s key there, accessibility! When mood strikes—which happens when you least expect it, you have the pile of TBR to pull the I want to read this now moment’ – the pretty much explain the phenomena that is hoarding of books/titles, as we reader wonders like to be prepared for the time comes!

I also tend to like the same stuff so finding similar titles can be a little easy, especially nowadays when you have magical equipment called the internet.  As I said before I look on goodreads for books, while for manga/webtoons I check mangaupdates. I lurk on forums (mostly likely on reddit: r/manga or mangahelpers) and check out stuff people are raving over there! I mentioned before on how I keep my manga reading, that reading series from same magazine made me check other titles as well, so there is that. In a nutshell finding new titles is easy for me.  Also, many people will give you a lending hand if you ask! Like me! I love giving recs to people (sometimes in a super pushy way #iamsosorry #talktomeaboutmypassioninlife but if I love the series so much I want it to get recognize! (although too much love can kill you can be a little overwhelming. )

So it’s a matter of how you look for it, get it, and store it for the future! Although sometimes you will stumble across your new reads even though you aren’t looking for it intentionally and that always the best thing ever! Like fates have work their hands for you and that special read to collide—now that’s a bookworm ultimate love story!