Fiction / me hating a character is very rare, but once they do it unleash my ugly side!

Tread this post with caution cos I will mention characters that I dislike with passion. Now that is out of the way, let say this first: reading for me is relaxing way to put my ginormous amount of stress looming its head every now and then at bay. So I always, always expect my read to comfort me. Of course, the inevitable negative reaction is to be expected but nothing like hating a character to ruin my reading mood! For me, who has high tolerance to all the otherwise  stupidity characters sometimes get themselves into (well, I don’t expect them to be 100% perfect, we all have our ups and downs being fictional withstanding!!) hating a character is very rare, but oh boy do they unleash the inner b*tch in me!

I think the more invested I am with the story, the more I am with the characters, and the more likely I’m affected with their decisions and actions. As a notorious reader, I have fair share of highs and lows when reading, and even though I know it’s just fiction I can’t still can’t help get affected by their actions and decision. I think I’m inclined to hate this character if it influences the character that I do like.

Case point? Uchiha Sasuke from ! Man, you don’t how I hated his guts to the core. Every time he showed I just gritted my teeth out of sheer anger! You see, I didn’t hate him so much before the series started (although I did find him a egoistic jerk!) but when he sought out power from Orochimaru and this idiot Naruto (by extension, Sakura) tried, and tried, and tried to bring him back (every time they labeled it “saving” I cringed because Sasuke obvs didn’t need saving, he waltzed into Orochimaru’s lair on his own!) made me want to bang my head to the wall!

The thing that made it so unconvincing to me was that Naruto and Sasuke never had that strong bond to begin with! The only time they had connection and a semblance of more than acquaintances was only by virtue of being in the same team! I know it was Naruto’s character that he cared for everybody blah, blah, but the “friendship” *insert Distance by Long Shot Party* that had been shoving to the readers/watchers was too shallow and poorly written!  I mean, again, they were only teammates but it was as if they had that deep rooted bond which never did happen in the first place! And the fact that Sasuke had dismissed Naruto’s effort 99% of the time and even tried to kill him made him more despicable in my eyes!

Sasuke remained my number 1 hated character but Mabuchi Kou from and Yoo Woon by 그 해 여름 come second place (it’s a tie). The they were/are both freaking flip-flopping, confusing their supposed love interests. In Mabuchi’s case when the girl decided to move on with another guy (because how long can you wait for a guy who kept rejecting you, and seemed to be hanging with another girl, who he gave far more importance?! I didn’t get it…I still don’t get it!!). Yes, I’m prone to second guy syndrome but man, can’t really help it in this case, the dude tried to worm in her life again even though she just started a new relationship! F*ck that!! I hated the ending in case you’re still wondering.

And Yoo Won, yeah, yeah, he was just a dutiful son and he was doing that for his mother! And all the sob backstory (yeah call me ice queen, I don’t care ) But GAH, regardless of his reason he should be honest with the person he was in a relationship at that time! I think if he was honest I think Hee Bum will understand but like Mabuchi when Hee Bum already with someone else—that someone else, Jumi, who was been there for the two of them, consoling Hee Bum when they broke up, pretended to be Yoo Won’s girlfriend for his mother’s sake, who at one point willing to accept her unrequited love ‘coz she freaking rooting for them!!—again passively aggressively trying to shake their relationship now! No f*ck dude, you got your chance! Twice!  Live by your choices and decisions!

Damn, do my anger seep into this post??  *tries to calm down* Yeah, obviously I hated them! Cos I liked the characters that got affected by their decisions! But again, it’s very rare for me to hate a character; my tolerance is higher than the Everest. But once I do I can’t help but be this ranting about this character all over twitter (or in this case, my blog)! I just need to vent out!