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My sister LOVES Kuroko no Basuke 「黒子のバスケ」. So much she...


My sister LOVES Kuroko no Basuke 「黒子のバスケ」. So much she is so selfish when it comes to it. She forbids me to watch it for the reason that I will not like it and I will make fun of it.

I watched it…behind her back and I felt so happy about it. But she’s right I didn’t love it as much as she did. There were episodes that I fast-forwarded the scenes. And just like she predicted I ended up comparing it to Slam Dunk. I’m saying this without ill intention but I still think that Slam Dunk was still superior to Kuroko. For me Kuroko is basically basketball equivalent to Prince of Tennis.

Hey, hey, before you stab me with you pitchforks and set me on fire, I do like PoT. I really loved Ryoma! But this series feels like a fanservice…most of the time. It’s something that I’m willing to watch and enjoy if I want something with basketball theme with nice cast, then Kuroku is my game. But if I want to watch a solid character development as well as his maturity as an athlete, the ball will always go to Sakuragi.

Seriously, you should just have just listened to your sister and not to defile this series? Is that what you’re saying? I know, I know, but curiosity was at the highest peak and I’m really starting to get more intrigued. So I caved in. I did have fun and the boys were awesome. There were fluffs in the games much to my…disliking. Nevertheless, it was all ok.

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