I saw this from Laura of Laura Plus Books and it sounds fun answering them. (And total excuse to post something since I don’t have anything schedule today. Actually, I don’t have schedule to begin with.)

What are your top three book pet hates?
  • Book Jackets
  • Using popular stock photos for book covers (it can be confusing!).
  • Mid-series redesign!
Describe your perfect reading spot.
  • Just anywhere comfortable is fine.
Tell us three book confessions.
  • I read Filipino romance books. (Not the wattpad books, ok! The Harlequin-esque types!!!)
  • I have this massive unknown dislike towards The Fault in our Stars even though I haven’t read it.
  • I read acknowledgement pages thoroughly.
When was the last time you cried during a book?
  • I think Slammed and that was 2 years ago. But I’m reading/watching Gintama and holy macarons, it jumbled my emotions into chaos. I laugh, then cry, then laugh again. Sorachi is a very great mangaka, he sure knows what he’s doing and he’s very good at it!
How many books are on your bedside table?
  • I don’t have a bedside table, but my e-readers are on my bed for easy access.
What is your favourite snack whilst your reading?
  • I don’t eat while reading, maybe just a drink like iced tea or chocolate drink. But no snacks.
Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

I’m naming the three books I already read and really liked.

  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
  • Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.

Because of the even heights (and even thickness) and the one on the right is part our manga shelves because it highlights the WSJ big three (or used to be): One Piece, Naruto & Bleach.

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

Escape from reality.

What is your biggest reading secret?

The first 5 chapters to me are critical. I hope to get a sample of everything by the time I reach chapter 6, meaning, I know something about the protagonist, I grasp the author’s writing style, and I get what the story would be…and if I really didn’t like the first 5 chapters I’ll stop reading.

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18 Responses to The Book Blogger Test

  1. Alice says:

    Book jackets drive me mad too, so unnecessary! I didn’t’ like The Fault in Our Stars and I tried to read it, you’re not missing out.

  2. I hear you about book jackets too. I really prefer reading from a paperback!

  3. I posted this a couple of weeks ago, it was such fun to write!! Great answers 🙂

    Katrina @ Chased
    By My Imagination

  4. Can I just say that I totally made a “:OOO” face when I read the TFioS part of this post? OMG Finally, someone who thinks and feels the same way towards that book. *tackles you because I am just dnjdndjb* And horray for Percy Jackson series ;u; PS: I read fil romance too, but in wattpad haha *gasps*

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Wattpad stories sure is popular, NBS has a shelf full of these kinds, haha. But I don’t read it though (especially if the quality is that of Diary ng Panget or K-drama, Shoujo drama inspired). I don’t think I will like even if I do read it. But the popularity really turns me off.

  5. Ehehehe I’m glad you decided to do it! 😉 Stock photos on books really sad! I’d feel bad for the authors if they paid someone for that because it’s shows no creativity at all. 🙁 And giirrrll, those bookshelves! They look absolutely amazing! Those even heights and thicknesses are just amazing. :O

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I hate when they use stock photos, particularly if big pub houses use it, too. I understand self-published authors since they do all the work but publishers using (re-using) the same photos…it’s dismaying. 🙁

  6. I’m just captivated by your bookshelves. WOW. You’re so organized!! :O I on the other hand, books EVERYWHERE!! xD
    And I agree that popular stock photography is always so confusing! Whenever I see that same image I’ll be thinking “Hey! I saw you somewhere else before…. I wonder where you’re from!!” And mid-series redesigns are annoying! I’ll be collecting that set of novels, and then suddenly, BAM! Redesign, and I’ll be tearing my hair out D: And don’t worry, you can join the club 😉 I think TFiOS is overrated. It’s a decent novel, just so very overrated x(
    I loved reading all your answers, Mitchii!! 😀 <3

    • Mitchii G. says:

      With the help of my sister, I’m neat when it comes to shelves but the rest of my things? Not so much.

      Mid re-design is a big no-no to me. Like I freaking bought it already & and the anal retentive that I am wants the new cover so it’ll match. What a evil way to make buy another copy?! *grrrrrr*

      It’s overrated. So overrated. *sighs, kicks dirt, then walk away*

  7. Megz says:

    I actually love book jackets! Because I love hardbacks, even though they’re more expensive and take up much more space than paperbacks, haha. But yeah, jackets are a pain to read with — don’t want to crunch or tear them up in any way, so you need to take them out of the book and put them in a careful place. But still, they’re beautiful. And yeah, ugh, using stock photos in covers. I guess I could understand if self-pub authors did it, since it’s cheaper than getting people to model for you, or creating an entirely new picture, but when well-known publishing houses do it? No. Just no. They have the money and manpower to make something so much better and original! Now we just have a few books with the same pictures, only they have a different color scheme and they’ve been rotated. Ugh.

    Trust me, TFiOS isn’t that good. It’s just your typical love story, with just two sick teens. I didn’t really get into it or fall in love with the characters, but for some reason the book still made me cry at the end… Don’t know why, but that’s the only great aspect about the book! I think I was feeling particularly emotional that day, lol.

    I’m just going to repeat what Em said: YOU’RE SO ORGANIZED! I’m not a very organized person (my desk is an example), so I don’t really mind when my books are mixed up or don’t have the same heights (I don’t even mind, sometimes, when I get a different cover for a book in a series. SOMETIMES). The only thing that is a must is that books in a series must stick together. That’s all. xD But yours is… wow. Love the neatness!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I really hate stock photos used in book covers, on indie books maybe but big pub houses? It’s a little disappointing to see. They have department for that whereas indie authors don’t have.

      I don’t know, there’s something in TFIOS waters that I don’t like so I don’t like to read.The hype just turned me off. Every freaking body telling this is the most beautiful story and I pretty sure that it will fall in the mediocre in my standards so I rather not read it than disappoint myself. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be without reading it (guts saying this out loud).

      Not really, I have clutter here and there except maybe the shelves. Since our unit is small we need to stack them properly so it wouldn’t take up space. But thank you! :3

  8. Kezia D says:

    This seems so fun! 😀

    I guess I’m neutral about book jackets — they look pretty and caress-able but I admit that it makes reading uncomfortable! But ugh, midseries cover change gets a big no-no for me. It’s really annoying when you have a favorite book but the sequel has a completely different cover. It doesn’t look good on our shelves either >_> Plus, why would you need to redesign covers if the existing ones were already gorgeous and represented the book well?

    LOL, I read wattpad stories or fanfiction xD Sometimes I just can’t get enough of my OTP. Especially since they usually don’t end up as a couple in the end so I turn to fanfics…

    WOW. LOOK AT YOUR SHELVES. (And squee since Heroes of Olympus books are there! <3) Mine doesn't look that organized because I'm running out of space so I have to fit books in every possible corner or spaces :p

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Do it Kezia, I would love to have a sneak peek of your shelves.

      I get you!!! But I usually don’t read fanfictions because I always to stick to canon events even if it didn’t happen. *sad face*

      Eeeep, thank you, my sister who also a neat freak want the shelves looks organized. I’m actually running out of space (that’s why the mangas are stacked that way).

  9. Escape from reality, I like that 🙂

    I don’t mind book jackets, but most of the times I buy paperbacks anyway and they don’t have them. Redesigns are horrible.. sometimes they are better than the first edition, but most of the times they are bad. I’ve let go of the fact that I don’t like different editions on the shelves though. It’s too expensive to buy them all over again and it does have a certain charm :p

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I usually stick to the edition I originally bought. Like for example, Throne of Glass, I bought the UK edition bcos I love the cover better than the the US (until the paperback edition came out). Sometimes and I don’t know why, UK version are cheaper than US (even though conversion of pounds to peso is way steeper. *scratches head*

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