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Those boys who fall too hard!

Male love interests falling in love first is one of those tropes that can easily convince me to try the manga (romance wise). I think I already mentioned it here how I immediately fall in love with stories if the main male love interest is the first one to fall. I don’t know why, in many stories, the way he struggles just to get the affection of his otherwise naïve apple of the eye is just so interesting. Plus, this recurring theme is always explored in a very humorous way. Yeah, I know this thing is like double edge sword: it is either it’ll take too long for the romance to progress hence frustrations, or here I am don’t want the romance to develop faster and enjoy those cute moments! Ah the dilemma!

And because I read a couple of series (more like quite number already ) I’m here to give you 10 of my favorite boys that fall too fast with their ironically slow (in the romance department!) heroines! So maybe they’re still in the friend-zone but you know the bae-zone isn’t far-fetch goal for these guys! Go work hard boys!!

1. Haru Tsubaki (Koi Dano Ai Dano )– For Tsubaki the light of the tunnel had finally fallen upon him. This is a finished manga series and even though I did like the second guy/rival, I still preferred him because he was there from day one. He who had been harboring deep affections to her best gal and all the things he needed to endure, I’m glad to say he finally found his HEA!

2. Kai Ichinose  (Hatsu*Haru) – he became a reformed boy because he fell too hard with the girl he didn’t imagine he’ll be into! Love karma~ /jk He is oh so cute with his crush, the way he misinterpreted things and his very transparent feelings that even his friends can see it! But for Kai, when you put your heart out there something is bound to happen! All it need is a little honesty! Yes? yes!

3. Kanade Yuzuriha (Fukumenkei Noise) – Ah, the boy who fell in love with her voice and then her. But it turned out she is madly in love with someone else. Nothing tugs my heart than a boy silently loves the heroine, bidding his time—no matter how long it takes. No matter how little the chance. Or even at the end it might not get reciprocated. That’s my boy Yuzu! He writes songs for her even though she sings the songs to some else. How sad is that? *sobs*

4. Kyuutarou Horikita  (QQ Sweeper/Queen’s Quality) – Aw, he’s so cute! Like Souta Nanami below, they are connected as early as they were kids. But the sad part is the girl doesn’t remember him. Most especially now that there are people hunting her down because of her emerging powers. She’s the queen and he’s definitely her knight (with mop on their side!)

5. Masamune Matsuoka (Aoharu X Kikanjuu) – Ok, here’s the thing I also liked Midori for Tachibana but this supposed to be suave, hot host has this “high school crush kinda” feeling Matsuoka is taking the cake! He’s so cute! He is supposed to be cool and expert at charming girls because he works as host, but it turned he’s the type who blushes at Tachibana’s smiling face! Ironically so innocent!

6. Naoto Yanagi (Last Game) – if there’s the poster boy for the trope “male lead falls in love first” he’ll win this one, hand down! He’s been in love with Kujou since they were in primary school! And the story’s current timeline was they were in college! How many years??!! So. Many. Years! In tagalog so ‘torpe’ but this lovable dude was just waiting, patiently until Kujou finally opened her heart & mind towards love! And I think Yanagi is pretty happy now! Waiting is really a great virtue!

7. Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat!) – If there’s like the king of epic unrequited love, Ren holds the title. It’s been long battle but unlike before she’s finally admitted that she is in love with him, but unfortunately she’s not ready yet to tell him! Oh guys, I want them to confess already and make some rabu-rabu moments. I’m literally getting old here!

8. Soushi Kanzaki  (Kimi wa, Ore ga Suki datte Ittara Donna Kao suru darou.) – The “I’m so popular I can have any girl of my choosing and yet I fall far this tomboy” kind of dilemma but the hurdle was bigger when the primary reason she disguised as a guy and play in boys’ basketball team was because she was in love with the captain. Tough luck! But unwavering tenacity yields results! See, work hard and it’ll pay off (or this time she finally sees the charm of his!)

9. Souta Nanami – (Ouji-sama ni wa Doku ga Aru.) – The cute prince but actually hiding his inner not-so-cute self from his childhood friend and love of his life. This is one my favorite shoujo series right now and the plot gets interesting chapter after chapter. I know he sabotages the girl’s chances but really can’t blame him when the girl never looked him more than just a son friend! Ganbarre!

10. Tooru Takatsuki – (Liar x Liar) – He’s been in love with her since they were kids but unfortunately they became step-siblings. And their sweet friendship was little by little fallen apart because of rumors surrounded him. But it turned out he was just trying his hardest to keep his emotion in check. And when the girl found a way to see him as he is a chance open up for a real romance to happen! Yes, finally!

And that’s it! That’s my top 10 (in no particular order!) boys~ Since this is my blog’s MO, I’m turning the mic to you now! Yes, you—do you also like this trope! Who are your best boys?! Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post! Huzzah!

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