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Title: The Candidates Author: Inara Scott Series: (Delacroix Academy #1)...

Title: The Candidates
Author: Inara Scott
Series: (Delacroix Academy #1)
Pages: 293

Finally done with this book. Ok, so before I get carried away, let’s start this show.

Dancia is just an ordinary girl, from looks, grades, talent… everything. That’s why she was surprised when she was asked to attend the prestigious Delcroix Academy. While it was still a complete mystery for her, she accepted it. And her suspicion grew when she finally in there, because just like what the school is known for – students here are bright, talented students – totally not like her. Adding to that, Cam, her recruiter, has unknown fondness with her.

Then there is Jack, who just like her is suspicious with the academy. She found out that Jack has supernatural power, just like her. Jack decided dug more stuff around the school, with that she found out what the place is really all about. And if Cam has connection to the school, did it mean that his caring nature toward her is just a lie? Dancia needs to know the truth, and why she was in Delcroix Academy, and her power – a power she tried so hard to hide.

It was hard to write a summary, I tell you. I totally forgot about this book. It was so boring and forgettable. There are better supernatural school-setting books than this. Sad to say, it was a mess. I didn’t like it. The story wasn’t that ground breaking, or even enjoyable. It sad though that I see potential with the plot. The portrayal wasn’t convincing.

The characters weren’t remarkable. I didn’t like Dancia that much. I don’t hate her, she is just too bland. I rather hate a character than to feel nothing about him/her. At least it brought some emotions out of me. Dancia is just… well ‘meh.’ Nothing. And to make her character worse is how oblivious she was to Cam. I know by this time I should be used to it, but it still get in to my nerves. I know infatuation, crushes, I get attraction at first sight and other hooplas, but really, did they actually think we will believe in crap like falling in love – as in deeply in love with person you hardly know! I don’t get Dancia, she can say she was in love with Cam based on something as trivial as frying her an egg or accompanying her in the woods. Oh hell, they’re giving kids the wrong message here.

I have different opinion with Jack though. A positive one. If Dancia said that she might like (‘like’ ok, not ‘love,’ that’s a whole different level. Gosh, I hope they know the different between these emotions) Jack, I’ll buy it. Really, she said it herself – that it was nice to have someone who shares the same things like her and how Jack helped her. Not just posing, as Jack described a prince charming like Cam. What did Cam do anyway? Besides asking her to sit with him, fry her an egg? Dancia you’re an easy target, I tell you. You sound worst than Bella.

The school with supernatural kids isn’t new. On the bright side, I like the concept of talents based on level but instead the book decided to work on other things rather the focusing on it. I know there are second book but it’s not an excuse to just present so little of the story. Such a waste.

I have lot of things I didn’t like, but I’ll stop. The conclusion was anticlimactic. The story was dragging with nothing going on. I can’t count how many times I yawned because it was just too many. It was so boring. Totally not recommending it.

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