You’ve probably know already (if you’re a long time lurker and know me for quite a while) that I love reading shoujo/josei manga. What can I say a love the romance genre, regardless how cynical I am when it comes RL stuff (which I don’t wanna go further in anyways ) but reading romance is my silent sanctuary (also yes, sometimes it pisses me off how shallow stories can be, but who cares; mindless entertainment is what I need most of the time ).

But this post is a confessions so I’m gonna unearth all those creepy secrets of a shoujo fanatic that is moi.  Don’t worry by the time you finish this nonsense, you’ll be able to discern what kind of shoujo manga I love to read (although you might remember that mini circus I made last year where I pretty much advocated reading shoujo manga and the stuff that tangle me in this mess #noregrets but I want to do a little TL:DR about things hence this post!)

I read for the art! I know I said that art no longer matters to me but there’s something that compels me to read a shoujo series when the art is freaking gorgeous!  That’s the first thing that entices me to read a title! So…yeah I can shallow but ask most shoujo fans and they’ll agree with me how art weighs so much with our decisions! Hey it’s a win-win if it actually ended up super interesting! And let me ogle with my precious sons because only in manga do I get some serious eye candies #fictionboyshooray
I read for the ship! Oooh~ nothing but love debacle to draw me in! I’m the moth to flame! And I burn! #burntomebaby It would be so amazing if it has a love triangle and both boys are awesomely awesome that I’m so torn apart, too! Like I ship them so hard why is the world cruel and why am I reading masochist!? Ah, the dilemma I deliciously get myself into! I love shipping in shoujo manga because you know—shipping—romance—the obvious and apparent thing to happen is that. Hey, I have some solid ships in other demographics (I shipped #naruhina and #ichihime) but damn shoujo manga is still fierce! We fight for young love! I (sometimes) read…smut! Boys and gals~ I’m full-pledge adult so I want some lovey dovey moment, too.  Although if I want this I’d rather read josei because kids makes me feel like…intruding their business of young lovin’ LOL No, I’d rather read adults doing their you-know-what stuff that’s why I love me some josei and borderline josei series (my ultimate guilty pleasure read is Coffee and Vanilla (コーヒー&バニラ) by Akegami Takara (朱神宝) & few series by which can be read on magazines like Kiss, Cheese and others). Hey sometimes you just want to see some ‘adult’ time development. *wiggle eyebrows* I read for the boys! Sometimes, arguably unacceptable of myself that I find male love interest character design far more important than the heroine! I think love interest is a huge break dealer for me—maybe sometimes, case to case basis but can’t deny it happened numerously before. But I do invest more on guys than girls, I mean, I tend to like the heroine on the get go…but the love interest? There are couple of times I want to smack them on the head for being so douche!  That’s why I like love triangles and second guy leads which I end up rooting for (hard!!) Ah boys~ in the words Britney Spear “sometimes a girl just needs one.” And of course, I read for the story! I do care about the art, and most of the time what first gets me interested is the beautiful art. However none (that I said above matters) will stick with me if I didn’t like the story!  Didn’t we all bibliophile and story lovers out there care so much about the story? It’s always the number one thing we consider. The story should be something I enjoy—even at bare minimum, the enjoyment and interest should be there! And that’s so happen that shoujo and josei series are the types that I find it easy and entertaining to read most of the time. The stories always get me hook, line and sinker!

To me fiction is my escape, and simple things? I appreciate them so much! So I love reading them!  I recommend you to read my old post: Why I read shoujo manga!