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Title: The Demon Trapper's Daughter Author: Jana Oliver Pages: 340...

Title: The Demon Trapper’s Daughter
Author: Jana Oliver
Pages: 340

(I keep losing this entry, re-posted for my sanity sake)

I’ve been meaning to write about this book but never had the chance to. I never imagined liking this book as much as I do. But dang it all, I love this book. I was kinda unsure about it at first, with this whole similar-to-strange-angels-vibe. But good thing I disregarded my doubts and took a risk. It was awesome, one of my fave new book series of this year, and regardless of what other people said (will say) about it. I really, really enjoyed it!

(Sorry, no summary this time). While the setting is in the future, it wasn’t dystopian in a way you need to fully understand the world; I mean 2018 is quite near to our real timeline. Besides the demon lurking everywhere, it’s pretty much the same setting as our world (lol, with “our” world, hey it is).

I love Riley, but gotta be honest there are times that I want to yell at this girl but that aside, she is likable. Actually, most characters are likable, even the asshole Harper (he is, I tell you, an a class a-hole, haha). But my favorite character is our resident backwoods boy – Denver Beck. And yes, I don’t mind that ya and yer in his every sentences. When he was introduced, he has these disliking features that I might really hate but in weird turn of events, I end up liking him. A lot. At first, I preferred Simon for Riley but you know what, the way he acted was just a façade. This guy have sensitive spot (aka ‘the Riley spot’, haha) and you know how much he likes Riley, but was hesitant that she is (1) his mentor/friend’s daughter, (2) younger than him (oh, come on Beck, 5 years gap isn’t that big and (3)…. ok, gotta think about the third reason later (I’m pretty sure there are three, just kinda forgot). Anyways, Beck, like I said has this bad boy image, it’s like this I-play-girls-in-the-palm-of-my-hand-but-I-never-dare-play-with-the-girl-I-love attitude. Just romantic. With that, you know she is special to him. He treated Riley with utmost respect. I like how he deny his feelings (even to — most specially to himself) but his obvious protective nature to her kinda leaked his suppressed feelings to the girl. He is even contended being in the sidelines or the receiver of Riley’s hatred (which is mostly because of him, I can’t blame the girl). I can go on and on on how much I like Beck, but to put it simply, he captured my interest and so looking forward reading more about him.

What I like about this book, that unlike the other YA books — this book took a different approach — the focus of the story is not the romance aspect. The author focuses on the characters and the story itself. But if you’re taken a back from what I said (‘cos you love your YA with loveeee; pun intended), don’t worry, there are subtle hints of romance littered all over the book (I presumed it’ll be, if not a love triangle — a love square. I’m aware that Ori might also like Riley), but to be perfectly honest I preferred this way. I rather invest first in knowing the characters rather than dive in to the relationship without understanding the individual character involve. So I think, for me, Jana Oliver did a smart move.

The story is just a part of the big picture. I love it, it wasn’t hard to digest. It wasn’t the over used explanation type like most books do when they introducing terms/technicalities of the book’s world. Information was presented as the story developed. It wasn’t overwhelming a la Mortal Instrument (that’s one of my peeves). In other words, as they trapped demons you’ll understand that concept behind it — in action, what else can I complain?!

I can’t wait for the second book (super, super glad that it’ll be out this year). The official summary was out and I’m really curious with — “…she’s getting warm and fuzzy feelings for someone who’s seriously bad news.” I wonder who that bad news is, haha. But hopefully some backwoods boy. I’m shipping again? Of course, it’s an inevitable part of fandom! LOL

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