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Title: The Fallen Star Author: Jessica Sorensen Series: (Fallen Star...

Title: The Fallen Star
Author: Jessica Sorensen
Series: (Fallen Star #1)

I don’t know what to say about this book, honestly. Did I hate it? Definitely not. Did I like it? Well… I’m not sure. It wasn’t exactly bad, it was very forgettable. And that says a lot because I just finish this book a couple of hours ago.

Gemma is the most introvert person I have encountered in my experience reading YA. She doesn’t have friends, as in no one. She likes to be alone and do things on her own. She lives with her grandparents who insist her on calling them on their first name (which turned out they are not really her grandparents). One time on her way to school, she notice a guy who send electric stats over her — no, and I’m not speaking figuratively, she really felt buzz stinging on her whenever he is around. Too bad, that her supposed first emotional experience turned out to be a mess, he hate her with no apparent reason. The guy became her classmate in astronomy class and he still treated her bad. But one time he decided to do nice thing with Gemma, and told her about the story of a fallen star, which it was actually — her.

I have high hopes with this book but sadly, it didn’t live up to my expectation. I’ve read tons of good reviews over at goodreads, but I didn’t felt the same way as them. And like I said, it wasn’t horrible — not by along stretch. It was actually — all things considered — neat and refreshing. I mean, where do you encountered a girl who have fallen star in her that will save the world in a date, where everybody presumed will be earth’s doom day (yup, 12/21/2012). Yeah, I was kinda surprised to know the reason why they thought that will be the end of the world… but still it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not that much of a superstitious – no, that’s not it – I’m selective superstitious. Anyways, I have real problems with the characters, they are too bland to me, too mediocre. Gemma is damsel in distress with the power who can wreck or save humanity. The guy, Alex, have this annoying attitude, one day he hates her, then the next day he is nice and even kissing her. Um, dude, what the hell is wrong with you? I don’t get him at all. And it’s not just the beginning, it was very consistent. I just want him to make up his mind whether he will hate her or like her. It was too annoying for a reader, no, as girl to be treated this way.

I noticed that the author like to use this ‘I-don’t-have-a-term-for-it-so-I’m-going-to-type-it-this-way’. Yes, exactly the way I type it. It is literally littered all over the book, it was ok, I mean, I use it quite often too, but too much is, you know what happen when you used things too much. It’s getting out of hand.

Overall, the story is ok. It is a very typical YA book, there are vampires (yeah, it came as shocked to me too; I mean really, was that necessary and I’m already applauding the author for taking a different route) fairies and witches. The world itself wasn’t properly executed, the plot, for me wasn’t completely established. Still I find it enjoyable but it could be better.

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