Thankfully I have the internet to unleash my inner fangirl. And what’s make the internet far more interesting is that I can easily find communities/groups that share the same passion as I am. So fangirling is not really an issue to me, at least if I’m online.

But it’s very different when I’m back to reality.

Have you done it before? Accidentally fangirled in public?

It’s not that I’m ashamed that I’m bibliophile and an otaku. I think my friends/families know I like these things (ok, not just ‘like’ but LOVE these subjects in a whole other dimension). I’m not really afraid to tell people that I’m very passionate about it (but I don’t voluntary tell this info unless it was brought up). But sometimes when I’m out and suddenly I see my favorite book out so early or find a rare manga copy (or it’s on sale, especially on this occasion). I can’t help but to release my excitement. But seeing I’m in public place and I’m very timid person, who as much as possible do not want to attract unnecessary attention, I have remedied that on-the-spot must fangirl moment. I have mastered the art of inner squeeing.

I hold the book, flip the back, and stare at it. Then stare some more. Check the spine. If the book is unwrapped, I look at the pages. Once more I stare at it before I head to the counter. Oh yeah while doing that my face probably is showing various expression of amusement. Hey, I can’t help but smile, that’s my inner fagirling leaking from its containment. I also carry the book with care and when there’s no one around I bear-hug it like a beloved stuff toy.

If I’m reading an amazing moment and when I’m outside, inner squeeing is a must. If I have my phone, I’ll probably gonna ramble on twitter. Because some book/manga moments deserve to make fuss on the spot but seeing I’m on public I have to contain the squeeing to a minimum. (Doesn’t want a repeat of that incident when I gasped out loud and received weird stares from strangers.)

When the coast is clear (and by that I mean I’m home). I’ll probably gonna share my joy with my sister and gush over and over. And then I go to the internet. Because nothing beats expressing oneself and the feels to everyone who understands. Right, fangirls/boys?

How about you, do you fangirl in public? Or are you like me shy so decided to inner squee, too? Share your experience with me.