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Author: Lisa M. Stasse Series: (The Forsaken #1) Expected publication:...

Author: Lisa M. Stasse
Series: (The Forsaken #1)
Expected publication: July 10th 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

I received an eARC from Simon & Schuster via their Galley Grab program. Thank you.

Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction after reading the book you expected to be awesome. I’ve been eyeing this baby for a while and lo and behold it was on galley grab. I didn’t know it was within my reach (this early). I was so ecstatic to read it. An island full of teenagers who have violent tendencies? *Raises her hand, me wants it!*

If Glimpse has a test to identify people with mental illness, the GPPT (government personality profile test) will determine kids with potential aggressive behaviors. Everyone from UNA (formerly was Mexico, the U.S., and Canada) take this test. Alenna the main girl of the story, took this test but after it was administered to her she blacked out and she woken up in an island. She didn’t pass the test and she was officially an unanchored soul. She was shipped to Prison Island Alpha. Escaping is one thing, but surviving the island is another story.

I originally thought of Battle Royale, since I assumed teenagers are the only inhabitants of the island. And they were all there because of the same reason (they are capable of violence) I thought it’s going to be brutal. But it’s not, in some way I was really glad about it. Not that I don’t like some action, I was glad that there’s more to it; there’s a real reason why they were all dumped there. I also didn’t expect that there were going to be some sort of groups running the island. They called the island the wheel, as in like the color wheel. Some parts of the island are ruled by a guy called Monk (a guy in a mask who turned out to be real shocker when I found out who he really was) and the group where Alenna decided to affiliate to, the blue sector. There also called gray zones, which was described as a dangerous sector. The entire concept of the island which was split into sectors reminded me of Sabaody Archipelago (but hazardous) the sectors are like groves. I’m still impressed with idea despite it wasn’t really that original for me. I liked that there’s some sort of organization and not just simply surviving the wilderness with kids running amok. Scratching off my initial idea of battle royale-esque.

Of course, it will not be complete without the romance. I’m not the biggest fan of insta-love so when Alenna saw Liam for the first time through a video and she instantly had a strange pull to him, I was struggling to keep my eyes from rolling. But the sudden affection was explained at the later part of the story (though not really a solid reason, but it was acceptable) that they have connection way before they met in the island. And even if I’m not that fond of how Alenna and Liam developed romantically, I still like their chemistry. Besides, Liam is not hard to like.

Alenna has a lot more to improve. Her survival here was due to the other characters that have superior skills than her. I know she was a newbie to the team, haven’t adapted fully to their environment. But David was also like her, but his chosen tactic was clever. I hope she grow a pair. I don’t dislike her, she got guts but I hope it’ll be back-up by actions. Maybe next time.

Towards the end there were lots fascinating and surprising stuff revealed. Lots of things happened to Alenna and the others, though some of it felt tad contrive. But the end result was still impressive, I can sense where the plot is heading to, and couldn’t wait to find out if I’m right. 😉

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