Title: The Girl in the Steel Corset
Author: Kady Cross
Series: (Steampunk Chronicles #1)
Pages: 477

Ever since I read Leviathan it got me fascinated with steampunk. And with that, I wasn’t hesitant to try books that fall in this genre. When I read the summary of this book, I was really, really interested. And it’s from HQ, so far (except Past Midnight) I wasn’t disappointed with the books they published.

Finley Jane has two personalities—the good and the dark side. When she is emotionally wrecked, like upset or mad, her dark persona surfaced. She can lift a guy twice her weight—she’s powerful… for a girl. When an aristocrat she works for tried to force himself on her, she fights back, and she won. She doesn’t know why she has this strength, so when the duke of Greythorne picked her up on the streets of London things are starting to unravel. To her surprised, the duke’s aunt seems to know her and her father. It turned out she was genetically altered and her father along with Griffin’s father have done various experiments—and she’s included in that experiments. She wanted to control herself—both. And Griffin is willing to aid her of merging her two sides. But that’s not only their problem, there seems to be a problem with the automatons. She decided to help Griffin solved a crime revolving a guy who called himself The Machinist. And it seems this man is putting all the blame for his current crimes to Finley.

The first quarter of the book is really, really vague. I don’t know if it’s me or because I was too sleepy and I tried to read it when my mind is about to float in dreamland or perhaps, the start wasn’t interesting. Either ways, I dimly remember the details. The book started to roll when Griffin King picked her up and then it became vague again until the character of Jack Dandy was introduced. Well, that says a lot actually, and with that you already know who my favorite character in this book is. I mean, like Griffin said, there is something with bad, brooding guys that girls fall weakly in their knees — he is definitely one of those types. Just ask my sister!

I’m really sad to see some negative reviews, then again I’m always in the other side, look at Divergent. But you see, this book (let’s call it ‘this book’ the title is pretty long) have a very interesting setting. Um, steampunk, hello? That’s a nice break from normal paranormal ones. It has the same feel like Leviathan, it also has its own clankers — they called it automatons. And of course, they also have their own version of beasties — organites (well, at some point they also called them that, I guess it’s a Victorian way of saying beast). It’s a bit different with beasties in the Leviathan, think about how leeches and silkworms use in medicine, well that kind. Yeah, I know when I pictured it in my mind it was creepy (kinda disgusting). I don’t know why… try to imagine a small creatures crawling inside your flesh, that’s really… um, repulsive. Yeah, details.

The characters are all great. None of them have a bad vibes with me. Griffin, the duke and obviously the main guy is ok (I know, so much for the shipping, but here’s hoping for a moment, I can settle with that), so are Emily, Sam and Jasper. Finley is ok too, both of her side actually (although I kinda like the other— darker side… (her side which Jack likes) ok, so I’m still talking about Jack Dandy, geez, I’m so obvious). Do I have to say more about Mr. criminal mind? I think I said enough.

The story is very well established. It wasn’t just machine versus beast. There’s more than that. Actually, it is more of machine and beast put together. And there’s this paranormal addition (visiting the other dimension— ethereal world— you don’t encounter that much in other steampunk books). There’s a lot elements (good ones) put together and I like how it was blended in. The outcome? — very interesting and unique story. I also like that the romance isn’t that main focus of the story (just like The Demon Trapper’s Daughter). That said, the author didn’t fail to clue in readers of who is to whom, but it’s just a tease. And I don’t mind, I’m a sucker for slow romantic development. So this is an A+ for me.

Bottom-line, I love it. All things I wanted in book are all present in here, nice steampunk plot, well rounded characters, and a romance that is not over the top! Highly recommend (if you’re the same type of reader like me that is).