Author:  Aimee Carter
Series: (Goddess Test #3)
Published: February 26th 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Fantasy, Mythology

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

I have this huge sense of relief when I finally hit the last page. Finally, it is done. Kate got her well-deserved ending but it took a couple of ugly roads to get there. But she managed to meet that goal intact. Before anything else, I confess that I have love and hate relationship with this book. But I do liked the series, despite the not so glowing reviews and my no so good history with Hades and Persephone in YA books (Abandon, Everneath), this series undeniably and surprisingly tickled my fancy.

So from here on unnecessary information drilling and sorry folks no caution for spoilers. After that truly shocking ending when we found out that Kate was carrying a child. Hade—Henry’s kid, I was so intrigued as to what will happen next. So I plowed this book (even though my e-reader is shockingly can’t t read the file…bummer. So it took me a while to finish reading this via my computer) digging through the dirt, finding what will happen to these gods and their epically god-like problems. And Kate, poor Kate is in between that all.

But wait a minute, just you wait. I thought we figured her out when truth about her identity has been revealed before. But another bomb has dropped as to who her father is. And not only that, there are couple of revelations that surprised me even more. This is what I liked about this book, there are lots of twists and turns that got me so interested. A couple growth spurts happened to Kate and Henry. It just that everything is falling in the right place.

Ms. Carter had sewed all missing pieces to the last leg of her Goddess Test saga. And what truly nice way to wrap it up. I think the second book was less superior to the first one (I loved the first book of the series). But she make it up here in the Goddess  Inheritance. But not everything here all sparkly and awesome. I have couple of complaints too. How many times does it need to use the element of putting people lives in the line to provoke a desire to fight back? Because as much as I liked that Kate finally grew a pair and standing on her ground, it always needed something that drives her. Is it possible she is innately awesome? That she’s a fighter and not because it was drawn out of her? I don’t want her to be violent, I want her strong. Truly strong. Well, that’s my two cents and purely based on my observation.

But nevertheless it’s undeniable that this ending has kicked a couple of notch from its predecessor (The Goddess Interrupted: the weakest I think from the series). It took Kate to get here. I also liked that even person like Cronus has redeemed himself and proved that even darkest creature deserved second chance. Kate willingly gave him that. It’s bizarre I know but I’m all favor for a character’s redemption. As a final note, I think fans of the series are going to be satisfied on how the author ended Kate’s story.