Author:  Aimee Carter
Series: (Goddess Test #2.5)
Published: July 31st 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Fantasy, Mythology

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

For those who love The Goddess Test series, well, this novella is certainly a treat.  And for those who are curious (like myself although I do love the TGT series) and like to find out the backstory of the gods featured in the books you’re also in for a treat. The Goddess Legacy is a novella composed of five stories—stories that will help us understand the gods more. Like, why is Hera acted that way? Or about Hades/Henry and his desire to just fade. I got the answer and more in this novella.

I’m not really that keen at first about the other gods since I didn’t have that much interest on them.  But this novella does certainly help me understood the situation more. Like Hera’s (Calliope), we all know she did awful things to Kate (and for the poor eleven girls before her) but she didn’t become what she is now out of nowhere. There’s a reason behind her behavior and it is heavily rooted with her relationship with Zeus. Then there’s Aphrodite’s story which thinking about it didn’t leave anything on me. I mean, I know she’s the goddess of love but oh boy did she love. She loves a lot.

One story though that caught me off guard was Persephone. I didn’t expect to kinda like her story. We all know what happened with her relationship with Hades (Henry). Why she got herself married with Hades expecting things will work out (and we all know it didn’t). She hoped for the best, she didn’t even doubted Hades (Henry) of his love for her. She was sure of it. She had expected to love him while married to him. She hoped that love will naturally emerge while they’re together. She didn’t even ask for extremes, she just wanted something that feels…right. Less suffocating. Something natural. But she didn’t get that while she was with him. While I don’t exactly like how she got what she really wanted, or rather who she really wanted. But I must say, I kinda impressed that she followed what her heart really longed.

And finally, I was more interested (heavily I must add) with Henry. While I find him sometimes weak because of his decisions and his lack of enthusiasm at the beginning but I understand him better now. After loving Persephone so much, more than his existence itself. And his life all alone after that (plus the atmosphere of underworld) will surely dampen even the most enthusiastic spirit. He had been longed to be more than just a shadow. He wanted to have his own happiness too. But eons had passed and it is still the same, the guy has limits as well. The loneliness and the betrayal he had experienced, I understand now why he wished to fade. So I’m glad that despite how he arrived where he is now (how bumpy and perfidious the path was), I’m glad he has Kate now. The guy deserves happiness which before he only gets in his dreams. Though their (Kate and Henry) relationship is far from perfect (bordering annoying) he has someone who truly loves him.

To sum up, I really enjoyed The Goddess Legacy; the stories are wonderful. Like I said earlier I’m not into the gods (Calliope, Walter, James, etc.) before I read this (I initially only wanted Henry’s story) but their stories quite interesting and it served some background to the gods. Before I was detached, very indifferent to them. Well, I finally got to see in a different light. All thanks to this novella. Though I still hate Hera. :angry: