Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends josei reads for you!

Ei~! Welcome to the second part of the great josei post! I hope you at least check the manga recommendation on the first part. I think I went overboard with the description last time. Haha, once I started typing, words flew right out of my head and into the computer. But I’ll try to give brief description this time around.

  • 3 AM Dangerous Zone (Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai) by Nemu Yuoko (Completed)

Our MC was an illustrator who instead of working for big animation studios managed to land a job in a company that designs panchinko games (it’s like slot machine in casinos…me thinks). And often than not she worked until early morning hence the title. Even though she was so overworked she still continued but later affected her relationship that made them eventually broke up. But someone in that building she was working might piece back that broken heart of hers.

It’s funny, light josei series. I think if I were her I would have quit the second time I was forced to work until early morning. I don’t like extending my time at work without pay…or even with pay. I never really take pleasure at workplace; it’s full of work, work and work. I didn’t like the romance but I liked her office mates especially when they found out what the guy she now currently dating’s secret. Love the whole office vibe!

  • Cousin by Ikuemi Ryou (Completed)

Another series that more on self issues than romance. The MC didn’t pursue college and ended getting a part-time job. There he met two guys, one that encourage to take care of herself, even became her friend and the guy that made her want to make herself better—physically.

There are issues about weight, about relationship (family, friends, lovers) that made me want to read even more. It’s not my typical series but I don’t know, I kept flipping the page and want to know more about the MCs and whether she’ll overcome problems or not. (I might also ship her and the friend).

  • Kataomoi Shoten by Hata Akimi (Ongoing)

I read the author’s shoujo series and quite liked it. Although the shoujo series wasn’t mind-blowing, if not easily forgettable but her art just draw me in. Her josei series is about woman who is bookworm and got her dream job to work in a bookshop. But it wasn’t simple as she dreamed; she has strict manager criticizing her work. But he wasn’t actually that bad, he was actually trying to work albeit a little harsh on the front.

  • Love Rerun by Amasawa Aki (Ongoing)

A 30-years old woman who finally got the courage to pursue the guy she has feelings for since college (or was it HS?) but when she woke up there was guy in this unknown apartment and told her they were planning to live together. The odd thing was that she didn’t remember being with him at all. The memory of them together was lost and she was trying to remember it back. The guy was bit indifferent but he actually trying boost her up because the woman he was with was confident, so MC want to know more about this woman that she is that she can’t remember.

  • Sumika Sumire by Takanshi Mitsuba (Ongoing)

A 60 years old lady was given a chance to return to high school and enjoy teenage life that was abruptly stolen by her father. This is a manga series by the author of Akuma de Sourou and Crimson Hero (which both I didn’t get to finish). I love the art and was intrigue by the whole “17 Again” (+ supernatural elements) parallels centering on regrets and want to have another opportunity relive the life she thinks she supposed to have experienced.

  • Totsuzen Desu ga Ashita Kekkon Shimasu by Miyazono Izumi (Ongoing)

A woman who excels in her work but wants to be a housewife and the guy who doesn’t want to marry. Yeah, see the irony on their relationship. This is what makes it interesting. I understand the woman why she wanted to become a housewife despite her successful career and why the guy loathes commitment. But they decided to enter in a relationship and see how each of them compromises each others preferences.

I have few more but I decided to make them the usual series highlight. It’s kinda hard restricting myself and what I think of the series in just few words. But I hope you y’all check them out nevertheless!