Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends josei reads for you!

I kept on delaying posting this thing. I think I admitted before that I don’t write my blog post beforehand. But I do keep notes on what I want to post. And now, I finally got around and sit through this so here it is, as promised: the second half of the greatest post. Now, let me highlight josei series for mature at hearts (haha, that’s me!)

The thing with josei it doesn’t always revolve with romance. In fact sometimes the romance it’s pretty obscure you’ll end up a tad bit frustrated. While it is true that it is marketed for adult women some aren’t smutty as you think. Of course, the characters here deal with adult situations but sometimes I like to read manga that I share the same sentiments as an adult.

  • Six Half by Iketani Rikako (Status: Completed)

Our heroine is still in high school but the overall vibe of the story makes sense on why it was categorized as josei. In fact, the MC has bad personality. She bullies, plays with guys and hates her family. But one day she had accident that loses her memories. Her younger sister hates her, her classmates do too. The only people who still like her are her delinquent suitor & her brother. The brother who always there for her regardless of how she treated him from the past. But it looks like there’s more than meets the eye with the brother. And her feelings for isn’t something you feel for your brother.

Did I reel you in? It’s quite serious story but there’s still some fluff scattered albeit rare. But I really enjoyed it til the last chapter. And who did I root for? I’ll never tell!

  • Bread and Butter by Ashihara Hinako (Status: Ongoing)

MC is on the marrying age. But not only doesn’t have a fiancee she was about to lose her job. She promised her parents that she’ll have everything sorted. She went to see potential partners but none of them feel that suited her. The only time that she is happy was when eating the bread at that local school supplies shop. She saw the owner and out of the blue asked him to marry her! The funny thing though he said yes!

I liked this kinda of set-up, even though convenient. I always get to see how the relationship developed since they had to comprise with each other due the situation they were in. They weren’t in love at first even though they were supposed to but to see how they’ll go from there while knowing each other more, is what made it interesting.

  • Liar x Liar by Kindaichi Renjuurou (Status: Ongoing)

I don’t have thing for incest if that’s what you’re saying. It was complete coincidence that again I read sibling romance. Though they weren’t blood related. MC girl went outside donning a borrowed high school uniform (though she’s in college) and bumped to her step-brother. To her surprise her brother was completely smitten with her. Now wanted to straighten his playboy antics, she played along. But her lies pile one after the other. And the make-believe might become a reality.

If you want a funny series this is one is for you. It was really hilarious. The girl was so funny and the entire network of the relationship will spin you to dizziness. That’s why never lie, it’s really hard to come out of it. Take it from our heroine!

  • SP x Baby by Maki Enjōji (Status: Ongoing)

If there’s a smut josei author that I’ll recommend Maki Enjōji is the probably the one. Now, so far this series have yet to show those, well—stuff. The lady MC is superman, er, super woman in the making. Saving stranger even if it hurts her, sacrificing one self, the works. One day she saw someone being chased; turns out the guy is a well-known person and because of her heroic personality she landed a job: his bodyguard!

Funny (like her other works; I really like Hapi Mari & Private Prince which are her earlier works) and I really liked that the heroine can literally kick some ass. Due to lack of updates I’m still at the beginning of story and so far I’m enjoying it!

  • Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu by Fujimura Mari (Status: Ongoing)

I’m not much into the younger guys so I was waiting for the *coughs* the love interest # 2 *coughs* & it didn’t fail me! The MC was on her 30’s and still relationship-less. One time she got entangled with some kouhai at her work which led to her romance status to ‘single’ to ‘in-commitment.’ But that’s not all, the guy in the same building always see her in the most unusual way; to the extent of giving her piece of advice when tough gets going on her very first relationship. Never did he think he’ll be included in that complicated relationship.

I’m pouting while I’m writing this one because I’m majorly liked the other guy. Sure the main love interest is a good looking fella but the other one has calm, very charismatic appeal—that I can’t ignore. And isn’t nice that he treated her like a woman of her age should be? But…now…it’s hopeless! But still I rec it.

  • Sekine-kun no Koi by Kawachi Haruka (Status: Completed)

Ok, KuroBasu fans if you like to see Junpei in romance story then maybe you’ll give this one a try! No seriously, the lead character looked like Junpei. And yes, this time the main character, where the story revolves to is a guy named Sekine (yep, one in the title).

Sekine, you can say have all things covered. A great job, good looks—things most women look for a man. But for Sekine (I’m breaking my rule of not naming the characters but forgive me) feels empty. Ever since he was young his life centers around school then home. To break his monotonous regime she went to craft shop where he met an odd old man and his granddaughter. He excels in everything he does without much of an effort so no wonder he master the art of knitting in a snap of finger.

By going to the store paved way to him and granddaughter to be always together. But little did he know that he is now falling in love with her. The problem is he doesn’t know himself.

This is probably one of my favorite read. It is a bit serious, more mature in a sense. But the guy oh my, he so adorably naïve when it comes to his feelings. You know it took him weeks to ask her number! It actually rooted from his past experience with women. At some point he was terrified. So this chance of love? I’m so rooting for him and the granddaughter big time! So yeah, REC IT!

Second part of this post will be up tomorrow—or when I sit through it again. Please wait! <3