Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends shoujo reads for you!

This is the last part of my great shoujo rec post. This post are for those who don’t have time & doesn’t like to invest on long series: my answer, short series. You know actually I’m kinda sad some of ‘em ended like that. I think they have potential but sadly was cut short. Anyways, we don’t have a say on that but still think that despite the length I still find them very enjoyable and worth the read.

  • Yajirobee by Yamakawa Aiji

The author of this manga has current series running in Betsuma? (or is it Margaret) called Stand Up. Anyhoo, in some sites it listed as Balancing Toy. I find it refreshing, the relationship between the guy who take care of her as her daughter (from what I gather was the lover/in relationship with her deceased mother). But unlike those who has this kinda set-up they have genuine platonic/father-daughter relationship. Kinda refreshing!

  • Silent Kiss by Ichinohe Rumi

A guy and girl but the guy actually has a girl from his past that he’s unable to let it go hence potential didn’t materialize until the end. A little dramatic on the side but don’t worry the ending was a happy one. Although why did I wish that they shouldn’t have ended up together?

  • Futari no Table by Ichinohe Rumi

Again from Ichinohe Rumi sensei: an older guy who accepted this little girl and treated him as his daughter. But as the girl grew up, she started to harbor feelings—something complicated & shouldn’t be. Did matters end in a positive note? That’s for you to find out.

  • Kimi ga Inakya Dame tte Itte by Hatsuharu

Childhood friends turned lovers. But at the start friend #1 had unrequited love, friend #2 is starting a new relationship and not with her. But when the girl finally decided to move on, did the guy realize how important she was for him. And the end, well you should already know by now.

  • Daisuki Datta yo, Sensei… by Shiraishi Yuki

Teacher – student relationship but happened outside the school premises. From the bunch I read with this kind of theme, this one was felt most realistic and positive. It didn’t dangle on the forbidden love like a cheap plot device, as the guy knew the girl’s past that still hurting her. So he waited—patiently.

  • Lip Smoke by Nishikata Mai

Another older guy and young girl. It is sensual in a way without actually doing something. All those teasing and jokes leveled up the anticipation further. I really liked the guy, he’s so…manly. Really would have loved if it was longer.

  • Cosmic Color by Yomoto Shimako

A light, mellow romance about this guy and this girl. If you’re fan of Meguro Amu’s Honey or even Hibi Chouchou which I think share similar atmosphere. A short story that will make a smile on your face.

  • Shiny Doll by Ichinose Ruka

To those who love makeover/Cinderalla-esque love story. There were little to expand maybe because it was meant to be short. But I would love more character development than mere wardrobe upgrade. But nonetheless, it was cute!

  • Hajimari no Natsu by Ichinose Ruka

Same author of Shiny Doll, my favorite from the bunch, I always feel sorry for the other guy. They’re childhood friends who have romantic feelings for their friend: for the other guy it is unrequited. While for the two, though mutual was unable to take a step forward because of their current relationship. Bittersweet. So bittersweet!

Phew, finally it is done! And now we’re back to regular fangush, one title as a time!