Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends shoujo reads for you!

I’ve been in a shoujo manga spree for some time now (like months). Reading one shots, rereading old favorites and especially searching for new ones. And here I am sharing the love. I’m going to segregate this topic into three part posts.

① Fairly New / Currently Ongoing (20+ chapters the most)

② Josei Series

③ One Shots / Completed (short series, 1-2 volumes)

This is the first installment.


I think I found some great reads that I’m now currently following. A note though that are some are quite new and some chapters aren’t translated yet. But if ever if it became available in your country or for reading then I hope you’ll give this title a try.

❶ Happy Life Hajimaru (ハピラハジマル) by Fuwaka, Hayuru

  • Give me the gist: A guy got kicked from his apartment; girl’s dad offered him a place to stay.
  • Describe the guy & the girl MC: good guy in delinquent disguised; Optimistic unlucky girl.
  • Romance/Plot: I only have read 1 chapter but it already left a lasting impression on me especially the guy (he’s hot). Interesting turn of events. It looks like a light comedy drama. As for the romance, I predict a light romance hopefully a slow development.

❷ Haru Matsu Bokura (春待つ僕ら) by Anashin

  • Give me the gist: A loner suddenly surrounded by hot varsity (basketball) guys.
  • Describe the guy & the girl MC: She’s quite timid but she wanted to open up and that was evident in the story. The guy is a quiet type who silently supports the girl. Aware of his feelings but unable to progress (yet he subtlety expresses from time to time).
  • Romance/Plot: Girl has feeling for him and so is the guy to her. But there’s someone from her past that might hinder that blossoming. And the guy is very important to her. Love triangle? Smells like one.

❸ Henyoku no Labyrinth (片翼のラビリンス) by Kumagai Kyoko

  • Give me the gist: Wanted a second chance in love, she got herself transported back in time and does what she was unable to do.
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: Here’s the thing, the guy 1 (trying not to name the characters as I am giving gist only) isn’t to me the real person she will eventually end up. Why? because the guy 2 is the one who truly loves her (or so I think). Any evidence to support my claim? He also did something to help her succeed this time. Girl is shy, sometimes could be annoyingly cute.
  • Romance/Plot: Love triangle? Yep. But I think she will come to her senses that one for her isn’t the one she was pinning all this time…or so I think.

❹ I Love You Baby by Komori Mikko

  • Give me the gist: Very cute girl with overly protective parent and equally cute but much younger guy.
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: The girl is really cute so as the guy (granted he’s younger than her). Quiet type but not as quiet as the MCs in Hibi ChouChou.
  • Romance/Plot: If you like Hibi ChouChou, you will love this. The story is mellow, the romance sweet, very endearing. It’s is slow paced but it works for me.

❺ Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai (黒崎くんの言いなりになんてならない) by Makino

  • Give me the gist: A wallflower in middle school wanted a love life this time in HS but he accidentally messed with the best friend which was the exact opposite of the prince she was pinning for.
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: Typical shoujo heroine…really, she’s too ordinary. Quite a sadist, he’s silent, acts indifferent with obvious past.
  • Romance/Plot: I sounded rather annoyed right? Well, it’s the most clichéd read from the bunch I tried but I found myself entertained. Sure the guy and girl are something I read before. Even the brewing rivalry best friend is predictable. But heck, I liked it.

❻ Nanoka no Kare(菜の花の彼) by Tekkotsu Saro (Story) Toumori Miyoshi (Illustration)

  • Give me the gist: With a failed relationship in middle school, girl thought she was the reason behind it. Now in HS she’s cautious when it comes to love, only to witness a break-up completely opposite to what she has experienced.
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: Quiet, very timid girl. Guy’s kind, nice and understanding, at first looked flawless but as the story progress showed his imperfections.
  • Romance/Plot: It’s bit mellow and dramatic. The one that piqued me the most was the failed relationship. I was determined to judge the ex-bf poorly only to find out that he has reason as to why he did what he did. And because of that reason, it might cause a uproar to their young relationship. Dramatic? Yep, and I dig it!

❼ Sekai no Hashikko to Anzu Jam (世界の端っことあんずジャム) by Kirishima Rira

  • Give me the gist: A celebrity tenant and tenacious, vibrant girl.
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: He’s quite refreshing to me despite the status he has, he doesn’t come obnoxious. The girl is funny and very much likeable.
  • Romance/Plot: Well, for now I really like their dynamic, sure subtle hints of a brewing relationship is there but regardless if romantically inclined or not, the way they are together are way too fun to read. There’s sort of humorous vibe toward them.

❽ Watashi no Ookami-kun (私のオオカミくん) by Nogiri Youko

  • Give me the gist: Girl moved to Hokkaido and met a bunch of boys with special abilities?
  • Describe the guy/s & the girl MC: Guy’s friendly and nice. The girl is quiet but with determination. Nice but not to point that she can push aside easily.
  • Romance/Plot: I’m going to tell you right here, right now, I’m shipping the other guy and it hurts so much to know that while there’s potential it won’t be fruitful. I mean from the title we all know who she will end up with. Breaks my heart every time I remember. ;’( From all the titles I featured this is the one I really loved the most. It’s very, very new (chapter 7 is the latest) and fell in love with easily. Also if you FuruBa fan, you will like this one because it has one aspect that is very, very similar to it (transforming human to animals? Yep, that one!)

I might do a second batch for this category. I have few more titles I want to include but I don’t want the post to be too overwhelming. ^^;