Author: Richelle Mead
Series: (Bloodlines #3)
Published: February 12th 2013
Publisher: Razorbill
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

I am bestowing another of my (not so) coveted five stars to The Indigo Spell. I’m pretty sure that prior to reading it that I’m going to give it a perfect score. The Golden Lily was epically good and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has a successful follow- up. Truly a successful one, no doubt about that.

I liked the Bloodlines series a whole lot better than the original series. And it kind of amazes me still, because I’m one of those who are not fond of spin-off series. But third in the series and I’m still craving for more. Much, much more. What I liked the most is how she meshes the story as well the romance that I greatly enjoyed. Once a curiosity when I first started, I ended up being a huge fan of the series. Not only that I’m a diehard shipper now of Sydney and Adrian. Funny thing is I didn’t see any chemistry with them at the beginning. But in my humble opinion, Adrian and Sydney’s relationship are far more delicately and solidly developed than the main couple of Vampire Academy series. I liked how it started from almost nothing to everything I hoped for. Once again—much, much more.

The way second book ended had me anticipating, counting the days for the release. I didn’t try requesting for an ARC because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be flat-out rejected. So I stayed like a good fan that I am waiting for the day it’s out for everyone to read. And mama mia, the wait has paid off. It was awesome.  There’s a new character here, the mysterious dude on the cover. He had divulged information about the alchemist and the warriors that simultaneously helped and confused Sydney greatly. The thing she learned from Marcus Finch had helped her sort out her principles about the group she had huge faith in. We know how adamant she has with the alchemist and its system and now it started to crumble down. Her strong beliefs are starting to crack down along her resolve of not thinking about Adrian. Of the way he touches her, his words, his kisses. But Sydney, it is impossible to forget someone as dashing and funny as Adrian Ivashkov. The boy who literally invade your dreams. It’s just impossible, girl.

I loved how Adrian matured in this series. He’s completely different from the VA. Bloodlines has somehow reintroduced us to Adrian. A whole and greatly improved Adrian. No doubt better than the drunken, spirit drowned guy he was in VA. I liked his character now and these significant changes and majority of it are thanks to his lady love Sydney. I couldn’t get over the kiss they shared in the second book. I was craving for more. And finally major development has happened here because Sydney has finally caved in. She threw away all her uncertainties just to be with him. Finally her heart had reigned, not her mind this time. And my heart couldn’t contain the happiness that is this couple. They’re just undeniably perfect for each other. I’m so, so happy for them.

Hooray for the mustang and its name. Named after the owner who is equally gorgeous as his wheels.

“Just something kicking around in my head. Reminds me of you. Fiery and sweet, all at the same time. A flame in the dark, lighting my way.” – Adrian

My heart and soul is prepared for The Fiery Heart. And I know it’s going to be whole lot more awesome with Adrian POV. Yes, it is going to be told from both Sydney and Adrian. And who wouldn’t want to peek into his mind. I’m all for how his inner mind works. That’s certainly a feat!