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Title: The Iron Daughter Author: Julie Kagawa Pages: 359 Rating:...

Title: The Iron Daughter
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 359

**I’m so pissed that I didn’t do all the post I’ve wanted before the new year starts but because I’m the greatest slacker (and procrastinator) there is, look what happened. Everything is all messed up. Guess, I’m not gonna make any post to rest of the books I’ve read the later days of last year, well except this one. I’m itching to write an entry, probably the last for my 2010 read list. Too bad.**

Real entry starts here!

Anyways, just like my last post I’m not gonna make any summary, just google or go to goodreads. They do justice when it comes to summary because I don’t. And I’m not good.

There is a novella in between book one and two, it’s called Winter Passage. And it’s free guys! Absolutely FREE, it couldn’t get better than that. It’s important in a sense but I don’t think it’s that significant – it’s only about the short journey of Ash and Meghan to Tir Na Nog. Oh, maybe the small talk sounds imposrtant (well, to me it was). Otherwise it’s kinda ok not to if you’re not feeling it. But as an advice, DO read it, it’s worth it Sorry, I’m kinda inconsistent, never let me decide.

Ok, about the second book, maybe the word awesome doesn’t cover it. It’s enthralling in every way it possibly can. I love how the plot moves steadily without giving you a whack in the head for making it too complicated. I hate those types, like the only possible way to continue is to put more drama in already dramatic plot. Geez. Anyways, my faves are back, the iron fairies are back and lots of awesome new characters. Leansidhe, the queen of in-between worlds, is a stellar addition. If there’s a good description of being the queen (or the bitch), that’s her. Grimalkin is back, as well as Ironhorse and of course Puck is here – rose from dead, return to spread the wit, make people smile, and ease the anxiety a little. That’s our Puck. Although I miss Ash for a good amount of pages, but dang, he make an explosive decision in the ending that it was ok if he was not very visible in the second book. Prince Rowan and even Sage, I can’t believe I like them too. I mean Rowan is a jerk, but hey someone gonna play the part, and he did it perfectly.

I love how Julie Kagawa introduced us to the world of Nevernever in the first book. And the second book gave us a much clearer view of this fascinating world of her own fairy lore. Once again I was absorbed reading every tiny bits of this book – it was really devouring, and extremely exciting to drag along to the adventures of Meghan and the rest of the gang. I’m happy to see Grimalkin back (I already mentioned that), the wise (ass) cat. And I can’t believe how much Ironhorse moved me in his decision in the end of the book. I wonder what he said to Grimalkin that he agreed on his plan.

I don’t know how Ash captured my heart, because every time the book mentioned his name my heart skips a beat. His character just captivated me in a way, I absolutely don’t understand. And why I’m not mad at him when he is treating Meghan that way (because I pretty much know he’s motives and maybe because he in the greatest tsundere I know). Yes, for those reasons. And Puck, I completely adore him and he makes me laugh. His humorous antics, just plastered smile in my face (or laugh, he is just so darn funny). But like I said he has moments that you couldn’t help cheering for the guy. Woot! Woot!

The ending? It’s a gasping moment type. If I already love Ash in the most incomprehensible way I can possibly can, then his declaration (decision actually) just stung me, leaving me astounded and of course, swayed by his emotions. I just can’t loving the guy more than I probably could. I owe Ms. Julie Kagawa a massive gratitude for creating his character. Definitely an awesome book, all things considered.

The final installment (I’m so sad) is a must read. I’m already counting the days for it. I’m a bit sad that ending is near but I heard a super amazing news – that there will be a fourth book. Some said that it’s a retelling of the story in Ash’s perspective. Upon hearing this news, I can’t help squeeing for joy. I really love to dwell in Ash’s mind. A place I love to linger more. Something I look forward to and I absolutely can’t wait!!