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Title: The Iron King Author: Julie Kagawa Pages: 363 Rating:...

Title: The Iron King
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 363

I’m doing this entry a little different. Not gonna make a summary, remembering all the details and trying to concise it (without giving out too much of the story) takes a hell out of me (or just loosening the not so tight screw of my brains, too much for a small brainer like me).

I haven’t been so excited like this after Soul Screamers but The Iron Fey series is so much than I expected. It was entertaining from start to finish, I kid you not. The excitement didn’t slow and every freaking character is just adorable, I can squish those cheeks. They’re so lovely and well constructed character. Julie Kagawa is hands down a great author. I was really absorbed reading her books. At first, I thought only the first book was released; I was checking the sequel and was completely dumfounded to find out it was already out. Just wow. But I am saving another entry for the The Iron Daughter. I’ll focus in the first book, which is awesome in every proportion.

It’s a fairy theme book. And I love fairies by how much I’m raving about the Need series, well it’s the same way, or perhaps more. Meghan is amazing character. She’s sixteen and there’s more than what she thought she is. She is a fairy princess. Since the Need series doesn’t have that Seelie and Unseelie court (I think there is but it was a subtle detail for me to remember), it was nice to know. She is strong, funny and an otaku (her last name sound Japanese, so I’m guessing she’s an otaku). Puck is a reminisce of Tod (of course no one gonna beat Tod) with all the funny antics and sarcasm, too bad he didn’t shine that much here. With being sick and all, but every time he is on the limelight, I just can’t help laughing along with his sarcastic dialogues. It’s so fun reading anything about this guy (he has too some moment that you want to hug the guy, haha. I’m idiot and bipolar). And his royal iciness, the ice prince, Prince Ash – I am a hundred percent swoon by him. I am melted by his character (contrary to his power).

The world Julie Kagawa built was stunning and very unique. It was described perfectly without drowning you with unnecessary use of metaphor. It was a clash of fairy world and modern steam punk that spice things up. I love how fairies were made here; that they are brought from human’s imagination. And the iron fairies are made from our obsession to technology. Who could have thought? The Iron fairies are big leap among her contenders. We already know that fairies’ ultimate weakness is iron, so what do you know there are fairies so immune with it they are actually made of iron. And even though Machina is the antagonist, I can’t help liking the guy. I told you, it sounded ridiculous (and utterly impossible) but I like all the characters. They are pack of awesomeness I can’t even describe properly.

I also love the play of different popular stories mixed together. Like, which is already mentioned in the book, Midsummer Night’s Dream and some weird way Grimalkin reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Other said there is a reference to Peter Pan (I don’t know which one, enlighten me). The author managed to pull ‘em together and weaved them fantastically. The result – absolutely breathtaking.

Overall, the book is great. And you think it’s another fairy book, think again. Julie Kagawa knows how to jam you inside her book and relish everything in there.