Title: The Iron Knight
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: (Iron Fey #4)
Expected publication: October 25th 2011 by Harlequin

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

All Iron Fey fans out there wouldn’t be disappointed because Julie Kagawa did it again— another awesome book! This is my favorite book in the series. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit biased because I love Ash. But I’m pretty sure fans will agree with me after they read this book. It’s made of pure awesome!!!!

Ah, this is it. This is the hard part. I don’t know how I will interpret all these emotions inside of me into words. I don’t know if my limited vocabulary will be enough to describe how amazing this book is. It is absolutely, hands down riveting. I have huge expectations with this book and I’m happy to say that it blows my expectations out of the water. IT IS MORE THAN I IMAGINED. I know, I shouldn’t be surprised, this is Julie Kagawa we’re talking and her imagination is so vivid that I felt like I’m actually inside the book, witnessing as the story unfolds.

Since this is an ARC, I’m not gonna give you too much details, because I want readers to savor every moment, every struggles, everything this book has to offer. If you’re expecting to know more about our very own prince-ling, then this book did a marvelous job of delivering it. I was surprised to know how Ash’s mind works. To finally know what’s inside his head. That he’s more than the handsome, brooding prince we all love. He has flaws, ugly ones. But you know what, these flaws made him more appealing to me.

And Puck, I love him for his carefree, witty personality. But I’m surprised to find out he has pent-up emotions hidden behind his grin that he always shows. I know, I already got a sneak peek of it in Summer’s Crossing but I appreciated it even more here. Being there with Ash, for Meghan’s happiness, that for me is so selfless. It gave my heart a twitch. He deserves happiness too. I so wanted him to be happy.

It’s also nice to see Puck and Ash work together instead of threatening each other. This side of their relationship caught me off guard. I finally understood that this hatred stems deeper than just Ariella’s death. And speaking of Ariella, I actually appreciate the importance of her character. She’s not just the “ex,” she plays a big role in the entire series. What role you say? Well that’s a spoiler so better brace yourself for one out of many revelations this book has.

When I was about to reach the end of the book, and saw how Ash struggled to be with Meghan, and saw his future with her. Well, it almost made me cry (I swear there’s a tear in the corner of my eye). It broke my heart. I even question his quest, doubted his motivation, if it’s worth it. Is Meghan worth everything his willing to sacrifice for? But his love for Meghan, his happiness with her… well, in the end that’s all that matters. So the ending was truly satisfying.

I’m not saying goodbye. Never. As long as the books are there, I’ll read it. Again and again. Because I love relishing the adventures, tag along with the characters— characters that completely captivated me. And besides, there is a spin-off. I don’t read spin-off but I’m going to break my rules for the first time. I can’t pass up an opportunity to be back in Nevernever. I’m excited to see Ethan all grown up. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Can’t wait to have the actual book. Come on don’t tell you’re not thrilled to see delicious guys— er, beautiful cover with two gorgeous guys gracing it. You couldn’t ask for more. So once it hits the shelves (in my case once the pre-order arrived) be sure to grab a copy, because if you’re a fan you must include this in your collection. And for those who haven’t read the series, I suggest you grab the books and read it. You’re totally missing out the fun.