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Title: The Iron Queen Author: Julie Kagawa Pages: 358 Rating:...

Title: The Iron Queen
Author: Julie Kagawa
Pages: 358

It is the best book in the series (wait ‘till I read The Iron Knight, which is, OMG, a book about Ash). After I read the Iron Queen, I’m dismissing the idea that The Iron Knight is sort of a Midnight Sun. I think it’s more of a continuation of the story centering on Ash’s journey (plus Puck, I’m seeing interesting adventure ahead).

What I really love is Julie Kagawa’s writing style— it didn’t falter from book one to the latest. It is so easy to grasp the concept, imagine the world she wanted her readers to see. That’s how I felt reading her books; the scenes came to me crystal clear. Some author failed to attain this (failed to connect to me, ok, I’m not suggesting they’re not good. Who am I say that?) And while I do say that there’s nothing wrong with figurative description, but there’s a better way to execute it. And I think Julie Kagawa nailed it; hitting the right words as precise as it is.

Comparison is really not a good idea of weeding the good and the bad out of something. I’m somehow sick of people comparing every freaking YA books to Twilight. Just because they are both fall in the same category people claimed the one copy the other. But I’ll eat my words (disgusting as it is), I just couldn’t help myself comparing my two ultimate fave book series – Soul Screamers and this one. I gotta be honest, The Iron Fey series won my heart (just like what Meghan did to Ash’s heart). Ironically, both titles are under the same publisher.

If there’s one thing I absolutely praised about Meghan’s character that is her conviction and selflessness. Conviction you say? Kaylee has that too but I think Meghan surpasses her. There is the responsibility on her shoulder; being the royal highness she is now. But like they said being queen is not all that glitz and glamour and she surely knows that, the huge task to run a kingdom (is it kingdom, did I got the term right, dunno, haha) rely on her, and although she hesitated, she know that there’s no other person who can do that but her, and I love how she claimed it, climax of all climax, love, love it.

This is one aspect that I think Kaylee didn’t have (or at least in her lovelife) – selflessness. And no, this isn’t about my personal preference *coughs*Tod/Kaylee*coughs* ok, so maybe a bit of that. It was selfless of Meghan to give up on Ash, ‘coz it will kill him to stay with her and his welfare is obviously much more important than her happiness, that even though giving him up is also killing her figuratively, she will still do it. I don’t think Kaylee can do that to Nash, she loves him (I mean really, really loves him), and I know that. Their circumstances are clearly not the same, not by a long shot, but still, if only she have the same selflessness… if only… (is this screaming Tod/Kaylee? I am so obvious). That said, I LOVE Kaylee. And I love both series, nothing comes close (ok, so one series does, Matched by Ally Condie) on how much I devoured these books. I’m just bit biased towards a reaper which I’ll like to hide his identity. ;D But can’t help commending Meghan’s resolve.

I don’t know how to end this entry, bottom-line it’s awesome, you have to read it! What else can I say!!! :X

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