You know what January usually represent, yes? Beginnings, starting over, and promises. I also see these things whenever I started a new read. The joy when I start reading is almost indescribable. As you have probably guessed, reading is my one and true solace. In solitude, with the characters of the stories as my sole companions, I find the much needed comfort. And that’s why reading will always be a part of me!

I’m the optimistic kind of reader. I always expect my read to be enjoyable. Of course not all read ends up like that. But the possibility of enjoyment is what makes me happy. Knowing the character from the first page until the last is such an amazing journey. What’s in store for me, the ups and downs, or twist that will happen—that is something always play in my mind whenever I start reading. I want to really, really like it. Isn’t this the main reason why we read? It’s very true in my case, is it for you, too?

Even if it just a re-read, starting my re-reading marathon is always such a pleasure.  Unlike brand new reads that you’re going in blind, you know what’s ahead, yet there’s still a different kind of excitement present. Going back, reminiscing and sometimes find those missed details—is still exciting for me! You know how big of an advocate I am when it comes to re-reading, right? My excitement is, I think, almost similar from back when I read it the first time. There’s even some cases that re-read are more thrilling because you know what to expect. You know what’s in there and you can’t wait to go back and relive those moments again.

I have anxiety (the type that when the going got too tough I was rushed to the ER) so rereading for me is very vital.  Reading calms me down. It’s why when I also don’t feel good (mentally/emotionally) reading or rereading helps me to stabilize. So the calming effect I get from reading? Yeah, it’s so important to me.

So my happiness and comfort I have right now has something to do with my reading habits.  It is why I find it so gratifying to start my reading. The idea of getting acquainted with my (eventually) beloved characters, knowing them, and all the highs and lows of their lives? Bliss! The anticipation, pleasure all mix in when I start, in the height of that moment is where I oddly find comfort. The happiness, pain, and overall roller coaster emotion? Yeah, I love reading those! It’s why I always look forward to start reading. Akin to starting a wild adventure; sounds so exciting, isn’t it?!