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Title: The Lost Saint Author: Bree Despain Pages: 416 Rating:...

Title: The Lost Saint
Author: Bree Despain
Pages: 416

I’m way (waaaaaay) behind schedule and yet I wanted to commit myself with other things like the 30 day book meme. I’ll probably will do it, maybe here (or maybe not here) maybe on livejournal, or dreamwidth or maybe in my tumblr (for someone who doesn’t want to maintain these things, I have lots of account lol).

I’ll go straight with my entry (I’m still not confident… and comfortable using the term review – when basically I’m exactly doing it. I’m in denial). And yes, I’m not doing summary. And if you notice I’m not doing it lately, it’s much easier this way honestly.

I don’t know why I’m excited to read The Lost Saint when I wasn’t really that devoured when I read the first book, but The Lost Saint had taken me by surprised – I absolutely love it! And to my embarrassment, I literally ‘oh-my-gosh’ in the bookstore when I saw it was already available, startling the person standing next to me, haha.

The Lost Saint just continues where the first book ended. I really wanted to know what happen to Jude, because I did I like him in the first book, so I wanted to read the book as soon as possible. But it wasn’t Jude that made this book awesome as it is – unbelievably, it was Daniel. It was one of the surprises of the book, Daniel’s character developed a lot. I was caught by his character here, empathetic to his emotions (where I should be more concerned with him in the first book with being homeless and all). I know why he was somewhat distant to Gracie. The hint is as big as an elephant, if only Gracie was observant. So, yeah, I understand Daniel here, so much that I genuinely appreciate his character more. I also think Grace had matured as well in the sequel. She is confused here, torn between accepting her new found wolf powers and enhancing it or suppressing it… for her sake – not losing herself to the wolf.

I said that I might like the additional character? Well, guess what, I did. The moment he was introduced I instantly like him. Talbot is definitely a great addition. I was kinda bummed out when I found he was allied with the bad side. But he did redeemed himself by changing side in the last minute (in the end). I really like the subtleness of this book, I know the most of the time additional character (whether it is a female or a male) are meant to, um, (to ruin?) complicate the relationship of the main leads. If it remained stagnant then where’s the thrill. The angsty part of the relationship keeps the ball rolling, without it, it can be less interesting (of course a good plot doesn’t solely rely on the romance aspect). And the additional character (especially male, in my humble opinion) should be par with the male lead. What can I say, I’m a sucker of love triangle, who gets her is my favorite additional flavor. So did Talbot meet my expectation? Yes, with flying colors. But let me clarify it, Talbot isn’t just added to stir up Daniel and Grace’s relationship, I think his character can stand alone, there’s enough drama going on with his life and doesn’t necessarily need to be connected with the two main characters. And with that, the essentiality of his character is established. I digress, getting back, what I annoy me the most in ya these days is the too much tension between the supposed another-love-interest and female lead, but the connection between Talbot and Gracie is restrained, not overpowering but still fluid. A different approach to the over used cliche. And I must add that even though he was wolf-in-sheep-clothing (literally) he was kind and respectful to Grace, giving him a well deserved edge among guys who is in the same position, another corner in the, as Emma said, “stable geometric shape,” more known as triangle.

As far as the story goes, I definitely like the pacing of the book. It was kinda dragging in the first book, so I was surprised how I was caught in every page, anticipating every twist and turn that might happen. And the ending, undeniably icing on the cake (the cherry on top) and with that conclusion, you can’t help expecting a great follow-up on the works. I will read the next book, not because I need to – because I really wanted to.