I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this blogging gig for nine whole years! I’m pretty impressed. And what makes it more astonishing is that I still love it the same way when I first started. Nine years is a long time, there are so many things that happened. So many big changes and lot of indecisiveness but here I am still burning with love and passion for everything I love to share! And sharing these part of myself is total drive that push me through!

But today I’ll be sharing you my nine memorable blogging things I’ve done in the past! I know that I’m not the most consistent when it comes to features and trends (I just get tired of ’em all easily; I just write what I want when I want!) And very vocal of my indecisive phase (let’s just call it rainyink ) but in these nine years there are so many memorable things! And now that I’m about to enter my tenth year (wow, decade, still find it unbelievable) I’m looking forward to more fun things ahead! But let’s do some throwback first!

1. My first blog entry! – well, I already deleted my first entry. My blog was not originally book reviewing blog but for a few years this blog was that I think my first entry was me experimenting and trying to be more “active” in this hobby called blogging. And look, I did keep my promise to myself. Good job, self!

2. When I officially became a book blog! – scrapped the personal blog when I became so obsessed with reading & reviewing. And I think it was one of the most amazing thing ever because I get acquainted with a lot of people and experienced the book community. While I didn’t regret leaving the community few years later then going back to where I started, I’m forever grateful to this wonderful and amazing bookish people of the internet.

3. Friends, Friends, Friends! – I met awesome people through blogging. I’m a very shy person and some people told me that makes me hard to approach. But really, I’m just an awkward goofball with bundles of nerves! So say hello! The internet friends are pure awesome!

4. I did some “trends” – I told you I’m not good at keeping up with trends. I’m semi old soul according to some people (I like reminiscing and listen to music from 70s to 90s) and this trendy things kids do these days. But I did some even though it was short-lived. It’s Monday, What are you reading? Mailbox Monday, Tuesday Teaser, Waiting on Wednesday, Book Tours, a few memes! Yeah, they were kinda fun even though they weren’t really my thing.

5. When I started to move out from book reviewing blog – it wasn’t because I got sick of it but more of my interest shifting. How could I review when I don’t read novels anymore? Impossible right? So I thought of changing things up to coincide to the revival of my otaku self.

6. The rainyink “phase” – it was memorable not because I renamed for the third time but I now associated it with my “confused and lost” era. I know it sound negative but it wasn’t like that, I’m thankful with rainyink because that was the time of experimentation and finding my rhythm that resulted to my blogging style that I truly jive today.

7. Designing for myself and others – this was one of the best decision I made and blogging opened this door for me. Yes, I was already designing even before my blogging years but this was where I started professionally. Prior to officially opening my services I already got few inquiries but I felt like I wasn’t good enough to do other’s blog design so I declined. I wasn’t confident with my skills. But Emily (Constellation Chronicles) took a leap of faith on me and the rest was history. Now I work as full-time web developer for an IT company and that’s my dream job ever since.

8. home (hosting) for my precious blog! – my blog’s home for the longest time was with Misaki’s Three Words Hosting. I spent few months with Mitzrael’s Dokkasou as well. I’m very thankful with these lovely ladies for their amazing generosity. Now, I moved home with Lystanthius’ Leprd. She was very patience with me (took me months to finish migrating). So far I have nothing but good words for her. I applaud these generous people so our web projects have a great comfy home.

9. The fourth branding! Hello Faiery! – Of course, rebranding for the fourth time made it to my list! Two years in as Faiery, I’ve realized how smooth my blogging is. I’m free to post whatever without following anything or keeping up with trends. It truly became my personal online space and I love how comfortable I am with this kind of blogging style and atmosphere. This really is my kind of blogging!

So there you have it! I’m so excited to do more fun things as I enter my 10th year of blogging. I have some nice little projects on the side but I’m gonna list them on my annual “goals, challenges, and resolutions” this coming December! I can’t wait to share it to y’all. Oh, and happy birthday dear blog!