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Author:  Megan Shepherd Series: (The Madman's Daughter #1) Expected publication:...

The Madman's DaughterAuthor:  Megan Shepherd
Series: (The Madman’s Daughter #1)
Expected publication: January 29th 2013
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Categories: Historical, Retelling, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from Balzer + Bray via Edelweiss. Thank you.

Gruesome experiments. A mysterious island. Murderer on the loose. And *drum roll please* a love triangle. That’s The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd in a nutshell. So if you like some mystery, as well as this gothic-suspense feel on your reading you will definitely like this book. This one has that and a few more stuff to offer.

Juliet Moreau is a daughter of well-know scientist. Her father was a notable person back in the days. They held parties; well-known people attend those gatherings and they shared laughter with her parents. But later when he was branded as a monster everyone turned their back on them. As in everyone. Everyone closed their doors for her, their wealth is gone. Everything is gone. She was left alone in such a young age. But despite all of that when she heard that there’s a possibility that her father is still alive somewhere, she took the chance. She went on a journey along with his father assistant, Montgomery and they traveled to an island where she heard where he was. They also stumbled across Edward Prince a castaway and brought him along to the island. Little did she know everyone is connected to each other. And someone from their group is responsible to the deaths that happened in the island.

We and the book didn’t hit off immediately. I can describe the first half of the book painfully slow and lack the thrill I was hoping from a book consist of horror elements to it. A madman experimenting on humans and animals, and creature on a killing spree—that already gave me goose bumps. I’m not much of a horror fan myself but this unknowingly got me interested. But what I expected to be this stirring plot line didn’t happen in the first half. When I reached the second half that is when things are falling into place. And my allegorical light bulb lit and guessed how the characters are connected to each other.

There’s this dreaded love triangle. But do not fear my dear readers; it wasn’t a dreadful one (that statement is solely based on my standard. So believe me on your own risk). While I actually prefer the gentle (who’s not really a complete gentleman) Edward, I don’t mind Montgomery if ever she end up with him. Like I said, it was an acceptable love dynamic because of the way they were connected seemed logical to me. Of course expected the confused between two lovers drama of the heroine, since Juliet is not so strangely and contritely drawn to them. But we know the tried and tested formula for this one: first guy gets the girl…most of the time (unless the guy has a huge fanbase, things will flip three sixty. Ah, the power of fandom).

Do not stop reading even if you hit the reader’s block for the first half. This part was a preparation for something big although I would really appreciate if the events are really engaging because for me it was a complete lackluster and if I didn’t know about the huge twist that will happen in the end I would’ve give it up. But I’m glad I hold on tight, did not remove my imaginary seat-belt so I buckled in and ready for the huge reveal in the end. And when I said huge, it was freaking O-M-G moment. Saving it from my earlier distaste and expecting for a more solid plot in the next book.

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