It was my first time to attend a book signing event and lucky for me that very first author I’ve met is no other than—the genius, funny and much, much prettier in real life—the woman behind my fave series (favorite character, Aaron Warner), Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi. *throws confetti*

Tahereh Mafi during the event. Pretty lady isn’t she?

When I found out that she will come in the Philippines, I was really excited. Then I found out that I have a career exam that day. Good thing that one was held in the morning and the event is in the afternoon. I took a short nap then brought my sister along (since she massively loves her, too). We went there almost the time for the event. We have no seats. And she was being interviewed already and I was still in the line (boo!). But when I made it, can’t help but be this insane fangirl. I love this author to bits. And did I tell you she’s so funny. Oh my gosh, she’s so funny and very cute. I love how she compared us; Warner fans, (when she mentioned his name) to Justin Beiber fans (now she knew Warner has huge following here in the Philippines, just saying). I wanted to ask question too but I was far and in the corner (since I was late). Kinda bummed that most questions are about Adam (where’s the Warner love guys?). Anyways, it’s time for us to have our copies signed, but I am number 196! I waited like hours. I even thought I won’t make it. But patience is indeed a virtue and Ms. Mafi was really kind and patience signing all those books.

Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs. Awesome authors are awesome!

I forgot to bring a camera. I don’t want to use my phone, since it’s small and resolution is bleh! So I didn’t have pictures of her and me (which completely disappoints me…until now). But when NBS posted pics, I saw myself. I was there (I won’t tell which one, I’m still too shy to post my pics online). It was so funny though. And hey, did I mention that Ransom Riggs was also there. He has an event too, courtesy of Fullbooked. But he was there supporting his good friend. I haven’t read his book. But I sort of regret of not buying a copy and had it signed. Oh well.

When it was my time, I pulled my guts and asked her to write something else for my copy of Unravel Me. Any guess? No? Ok, here it is:

Yep, Cecille is my real name (I don’t use it online though). See, Warner truly loves Juliette FOREVER!

Ransom Riggs said that I did watch their video; I couldn’t muster a proper response, so I just said yes and giggled my way out. Haha, I’m such a dork!

It was a tiring but really fun experience. When we got home I was craving for some Japanese food, so I dig in.

There you have it. My full Mafi experience. NBS said that they will have more similar events like this. I just so hope that it’s another favorite author of mine.

Photos of the event are © NBS facebook account. Thank you.