If there’s one thing I’ll never get it right after six years of blogging is celebrating blog anniversaries! Like seriously what to do, what to do?! But do I really need to celebrate every year? Does it warrant a special day of “hey guys I’m blogging for this amount of time already!” Do you care? Do I care?

Actually I do! I love my blog! I think I’ve said it plenty of times before that you probably sick of me talking about it. But I love it! And it’s true that I never celebrated my blog anniversary before until last year when I hit my fifth year milestone and I guess that triggered the idea of “maybe I should spare a day to celebrate my blog’s birthday.” Yep, it’s been a while since I started and even I can’t believe that I’ll be so into it—donning the same enthusiastic attitude like the day I started. Knowing my personality of in-the-moment kind of person, this one is big! And there were hobbies that I no longer do & got tired of it and eventually quit. But blogging keeps me happy. So happy! I maybe this teeny tiny droplet in this vast ocean of blogosphere but this space is mine! The words are mine. And those are some of the biggest driving forces that continue me on! Oh blog how I love thee~

But more than sharing my thoughts, it’s undeniable that there is so much learning you can take from blogging! And there are so many things to love about it! It’s a very gratifying hobby! And I think I’ve grown some from the naive me who decided to plunge myself in this hobby called blogging! I think in some ways I changed—and those changes I don’t regret doing it. Not one bit!

I didn’t feel any sort of sadness when I stripped the label “book blogger.” I called myself that, because on those years I fitted the bill! I talked about books! Actually my blog solely reviewed books and in retrospect it felt so restricting! When I started the blog I originally wanted a space to pour my thoughts on books I read and it did serve its purpose! But somehow I wanted changes! I want something that will break me free from it and so I tried other things. And oh boy was that liberating!

The TBR, the books I’ll review—they were suffocating. Along the way, I forgot to enjoy reading because I can hear the clock ticking telling me to read this and that. As if I have no time. It shackled me and I truly detested it! When my interest was shifting I began to read again on sole purpose of enjoying it! No reviews to do, no deadlines to meet. No nothing! I’m just a simple reader who loves to read! Good reads motivates me to read more. And more! It’s a good feeling!

Now, I no longer review books! I am free to post something I love to share! With my new blogging groove I can put a little bit of my creative flare along with my thoughts! It’s kinda exciting!  My blog represent bits of myself now. I get to be the otaku that I am! The huge reader that I am! The massive fan that I am! These made up of who I am and to share these different kinds of me along with the things I love is just well, amazing!

To sum up,  oh my, ze blog is getting ancient (as well the owner too)! HOHOHO Happy anniversary my precious, precious blog!

ETA: Sorry if the blog’s a little messy, I’m still fixing things up. I’m quite eager to stick with my schedule.