Title: The Mephisto Covenant
Author: Trinity Faegen
Series: (The Mephisto Covenant #1)
Published: September 27th 2011 by EgmontUSA

I received an eARC from EgmontUSA via Netgalley. Thank you.

I wasn’t initially gonna read this, I open my reader to read Life Eternal and I noticed that this galley was about to expire. So I thought why just read it now, it feels kinda waste if I didn’t read it (and just let it expires). I was overwhelmed before when I signed up for netgalley and I snatched galleys that were available to read. And this is one of them. Besides, this one is on my tbr list, so why not.

I did a fast reading, mostly just dialogues (I’m still not used to reading in front of my computer, it strains my eyes). In a word, the book is ok. I find the book very flat but tolerable. I thought I’ll be able to finish it faster since I was just reading the dialogues it turned out there are lots of dialogues.

And there’s the execution. I feel kinda sad because what initially draw me in to this book (sans the obvious beautiful cover) was the premise, the new-ish (for me) mythology of Anabo (being the daughter of Eve) and the Mephisto. I haven’t heard of it before, so I was really excited. While I’d like to know how this legend goes I don’t need pages after pages of information. My brain’s about to overload. The characters are throwing information from left to right, explaining things to Sasha. Like ‘you’re anabo’, ‘I’m mephisto and *insert the whole story about the mephisto here*.’ Then Sasha will answer back with a question. And Jax will reply with paragraph worth of answers. Why do you think I haven’t finished Mortal Instrument ‘til now? I hate these types, that’s the worst way to inform your readers. It feels like I’m reading a reference book.

So yeah, I think even though I skipped most of the descriptions, I think I still get the essence of the story.

For the romance, I’m kinda sick of this old routine, this evilish guy who fell in love with a super naïve (so naïve that she doesn’t know she’s so beautiful) girl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. I love YA-PNR books, hello? Have you seen my bookshelf, I have piles and piles of PNR books there. But there are books that miraculously didn’t live up to my standards (which in all honesty my standards isn’t that high) so for me to say that it wasn’t good must be saying something. This hormone-driven relationship is really getting out of hand. Which sometimes bothers me, especially if the guy is like an immortal or really, really old. Aren’t they supposed to outgrown the phase already? Just saying.

There are also good things (worthy-praise) about this book (I’m not sure which ones are tho), for one, the refreshing mythology (which I already explained above). The characters weren’t for me that remarkable, they hardly left an impression but they weren’t completely boring. And for the romance? Hmmm, maybe I’ll just shut up.