Author: Melina Marchetta
Published: March 1st 2010 by Penguin Australia/Viking

This is one of those instances when I’m at a loss for words. That I don’t know what to say. That I’m wary if I’m able to justify the book’s worth. That I’m scared that what I’m about to say would not be enough.

But then I realized it doesn’t matter. I liked this book. Really liked this book. And that’s what really counts.

I haven’t read anything from Melina Marchetta but among her works, The Piper’s Son is the one that speaks to me the most. The cover (the Australian edition though), the fragile guy and the music…everything just fits. I know what I’m about to read will wrench my soul, my heart—everything. But I never expected to be this affected to Thomas Mackee’s story. Like I said I haven’t read anything from the author and I know that this book is a companion book of her earlier work, Saving Francesca. But is it weird that I still enjoyed this book even without reading Saving Francesca? Because there’s something with the author’s writing that awe her readers. How she presented the unpleasant reality of life. That for me looks so complicated but really is not. Because that is it. That’s life.

Is it also wrong—strange that sometimes I’m mad thinking, how could she put this guy in this awful situation? How could she do this to him? His uncle. His family. His music. And at the same, I’m also mad at him for doing this to himself. Then I just realized that I wanted him (them) whole again and that’s what kept me reading. Then there’s Georgie, Tom’s pregnant aunt. I thought I would not like her story. Because I’m already emotionally invested with Tom. I want more of him. But like Tom, she’s got her own story too. An important story to tell. And quite important to Tom. And the entire process.

I sometimes felt their problems were too funked up. Too much to handle. Truth to be told, I’m a little overwhelmed because I haven’t read a story, or characters in this condition. But then again this kind of story makes you hope. That it’ll be ok. It’ll be alright. There’s something about it that grab you so tight that you forget it’s just fiction. Because there are moments you’re feeling something real. Man, all I’ve got to say this woman’s skill is just crazy. Crazy awesome. Crazy in a very, very good way.

And he knows that everything’s going to be fine
Because he and his family are on their way.

After reading this, I’m pretty sure this isn’t my last of the author’s work. I already put Jellicoe Road on my to-read list. I’m excited to read it. I’m quite positive that it’s another one of those heart-twisting novels. If there’s one thing I learned from The Piper’s Son, Melina Marchetta? She delivers.