Author:  Katie Ashley
Series: (The Proposition #2)
Published: January 10th 2013 by
Publisher: Katie Ashley Productions (Self  Published)
Categories: Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

If you thought there’s no more story left aside from forgiving Aidan and their HEA then you’re wrong. The Proposal is not all about Aidan asking Emma her forgiveness. But we get to see more of them, particularly Aidan. We found out why this guy is a commitment phobe. Plus a sexy doctor which I found out has also an interesting story to tell with Aidan’s niece. But that’s another story for another day.

I loved The Proposition. I don’t know how the author managed to write something simple but abundant in quality because the story was just mesmerizing. In this one, I loved how the story showed the side of Aidan and his way to forgiveness and change. I sort of hate him in the end of the first book but knowing he was a scared fellow and used that tacky and despicable way to show his cowardliness, I kinda forgave him. But with Emma, I was curious how she’ll give him the chance to redeem himself. He made his own grave by going out (and almost slept) with another woman. Now the path to her heart is one rocky road. But despite of what he did is a major a-hole act I saw the sincerity of his action when he asked for a second chance. He’s really sorry for what he had done and he’s paying for it. But it’s not that easy especially if there’s one sexy doctor waiting on the wing.

I was quite surprised when I read the teaser about Dr. Pesh. He does seem a very nice guy based on the teaser. And he’s in fact a very nice guy. And if I were to be blunt, he’s a complete opposite of Aidan. He’s gentleman in every sense of the word, caring and knows the right word to say. Plus, hello? He’s a doctor there’s something sexy with guys in scrubs and stethoscopes around their necks. But more than that, he actually didn’t mind that she’s pregnant and took whatever she can give him as of that moment. Is he so nice? And by the way if I haven’t said (enough) he’s jaw dropping sexy so don’t let the white coat fool ya’.

But what’s nice about this is that Pesh addition didn’t majorly stir up the plot. He didn’t go caveman, territorial fighting over Emma.  He served a purpose for Emma and Aidan’s relationship but without sacrificing his stellar character. I liked that both him and Emma aware of their real situation and what made them drawn to each other.

Enough of the sexy doctor, let’s go back to man of the hour: Aidan. He’s making up for what he did and oh boy he did some astronomical gestures to show how genuine he is of his action. Like I said in my earlier review that you must have a heart made of steel if you didn’t forgive Aidan. The man deserves the chance. Both of them deserve the chance of happiness. And Noah deserves a whole family.

I love the delivery scene. Connor was freaking funny. Also, Aidan and his fear of small planes was humorous addition to his personality. The guy can only ride no smaller than a 747, haha.

I really loved this one. While this book I think wasn’t as sexy as the first one (because that’s given and don’t taken aback because there are still epic sexy scenes here) I liked that it explored the foundation of what a relationship like what they have solid. It’s one of the most interesting romantic developments I’ve read.

I’m so glad I tried this series out. And Ms. Ashley did not disappoint. She wrote an awesome sequel and a magnificent way to end a very unusual but beautiful love story. She’s now on my auto-reads/auto-buys. She’s that awesome that way!