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Author: Katie Ashley Series: The Proposition #1 Published: October 31st...

Author: Katie Ashley
Series: The Proposition #1
Published: October 31st 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Categories: Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I’m a sucker for relationship development that started as a scheme, especially if this scheme involves babies (making babies *winks*). So when I saw this book and read the blurb, reading it is the natural thing to do. This is my kind of book. This is definitely, a hundred percent ‘Mitchii’s’ book. But despite my enthusiasm, I wasn’t planning to read it immediately. I have a very limited time right now and it’s kinda hindering me from my hobby. But the intrigued person that I am, I peeked and was intensely pulled in. I stayed up so late and acted like a zombie the next morning with dark circles around my eyes. Even with sleepy eyes, I continue reading it during work desperate to finish it. I wanted to know! Will he? Will she? Will they? But all these questions still have no definite answers because I was profoundly surprised when it ended up in a cliffhanger.

Yes, good people, there is a sequel. And I have to wait months for it. *cries bucket of tears*

Emma had experienced sorrowful events in that last years. Losing both the guy she ever loved in an accident and her mother from illness. She’s in need of someone who will remind her of life—she wanted a baby.

She already got her gay friend as her baby’s possible father. But then he backed out, someone saw them arguing and like some knight in shining armor helped her. Not only is this man is drop dead gorgeous, he offered up something she can’t refused. This certified playboy is willing to donate his DNA but there’s a catch—they need to do the ‘process’ naturally.

While the story is far from original and some parts were tad predictable, I still didn’t find it less enjoyable. The flow of the story was seamless and very intact. That’s why when I started reading it I just couldn’t let it go. I needed to know what’s next. I know when you read the summary you’ll get the story from the get go. It’s not a complicated story with lots of twist and turns. But having said that there were still surprises in there that caught me off guard. But what came as a real surprise were the characters themselves. I loved that the author invested so much in her characters because it shows. In this kind of story where it has been done before, you need to incorporate something that will make it stand out. I’m happy to say that Aidan and Emma stand out. They were molded as real and unique as possible, adding details to their already interesting personalities. Avoiding from casting them into stereotypes.

Emma while sometimes acted like some innocent (only been with her late fiancée) woman, still got some sexy side without looking so desperate or contrived. I liked her motivations and the way she handled herself. She looked vulnerable but she’s not. I liked that the way she was put together was well defined.

Ever since Mr. Grey debuted in the world of literature, lots of books are trying the clone the guy. I was so pleased that someone like Aidan was created and broke those tiring charades. He’s not this brooding; too confident it’s so irritating (he’s confident alright but works well with his humor. This guy is funny.) like the others. He’s indeed a playboy extraordinaire, shunning relationship like the plague, and hook ups is the only thing he can offer to a woman but there’s more to him. He wasn’t perfect, he has scars of his own that affected the way he treated possible, real relationship. Hence, him offering up without the responsibility and the emotion attached.

Since this an adult book expect some hot—no, scorching scenes that will fire your eyes *fans herself* out. (Hot scenes, then serious and then some humor, gosh so many emotions at once).

Can’t wait for the sequel (ugh, so far away). Hopefully Aidan manned up and does what book two title entails—the proposal.

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