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Disregard the skepticism, Promise, I have a point…or at least...


Disregard the skepticism, Promise, I have a point…or at least I think I have.

Gosh, I’ll be typing yet another monthly round-up on the weekends and the posts are still minuscule (it has improved compare to last month albeit trifling though). But I’ll be saving the complaints later because it’s not the reason why I’ve posted but I have reflected some of the things I did for the past four years. Yep, I’ve been blogging for four years & no, this is not a celebratory post. But rather on my biggest problem to date: BOOK SLUMP!

You still in it, Mitchii? Why, yes, I’m still stuck in this rut and the fact is…I’m beginning to get comfortable in it. Slump and comfortable? Two words that really shouldn’t be together but honestly it’s becoming too comfy in here and makes me so anxious to try reading a book. I always wake up telling myself I’m going to read later but ended up distracted. Goal of the day smashed to pieces. And that happens every freaking day.

But you know what, it did make me realize some things, like: the number of books I read does not make me less of a reader than who, let’s say, read a hundred books (so far I have read 172 books this year and I only need 8 books to finish my goal. So not really a shabby work). But it does make me want to read a book that I really want to spend my time with. Before I read books sometimes for the heck of it. Now, I want to read because I’m genuinely interested with the story. Furthermore, I have unconsciously up my ante. So chances are, if the book is not what it promises it’ll be, I’ll be more critical to it. (I seriously blame Tokyo Ghoul for raising my standard; that damn, awesome of a story!)

I also became very indifferent with ARCs. I used to check Edelweiss & Netgalley on a regular basis. Now, it’s miracle if I actually remember to check it out. My last visit on NG was two months ago…I think more than that. I also don’t easily jump to the opportunity when I hear “free books” from a publisher (like seriously, where were these invitations when I was very active in reviewing?). I realized I couldn’t commit so why should I accept it? It’s not fair to me and to them. With that sort of thinking, in some bizarre way, I have matured. I’ve learned to accept things I know I can do and not just plainly because (if that makes sense). And ARCs like all books will get published sooner or later. Some of the books I was eager to read before came out and I haven’t even read them. Yep, how strange things turn out to be.

But most of all, I do not only rely on books I read to blog anymore. In four years of blogging, I’ve realized something fundamental: I love blogging. It doesn’t necessarily about books. Sharing something and have a specific outlet/place to put my thoughts really makes me happy. Now I remember why I kept a diary when I was a kid (up until I was in high school and by the time I was in college I opened a livejournal). Still, I don’t mind whether I receive attention or not. The fact, I share something out in the open is already satisfying to me.

But after all that, still this problem remains; I’m still in book slump. Now back on tackling books and actually read it!

How about you? Been in a book slump? How dreadful was it? Did something good come out of it? Care to share it with me?

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