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Title: The Sea of Monsters Author: Rick Riordan Series: (Percy...

Title: The Sea of Monsters
Author: Rick Riordan
Series: (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2)
Pages: 279

I said I don’t have any expectation when I started reading Percy, but since it’s the second book, of course I do have now – that it’ll exceed the first book. Though (ooops, sounds negative already) I kinda like the The Lightning Thief a little better than The Sea of Monster (just this tiny, little, small bit. That’s why I rate it 4.5 stars but that’s still remarkably high). While the rating was that, I didn’t meant that it didn’t live up to its predecessor, actually this is more action oriented, I don’t even know what got in to me and why I kinda preferred the first book. Some mystery.

Percy managed to live a year without monster to grabble and feast on him. He is now in this progressive school but in the midst of playing of dodge ball with monster, he, once again made a huge ruckus in his new school. He also met his half brother, a Cyclops, Tyson. I was a little, I don’t know, I ashamed too that Percy have a Cyclops for a brother. I understand the kid. I mean, I’ve been living my entire life then, pop, I have brother and a Cyclops to boot. Though at some point, Tyson had gradually warm up with me and kinda like the, as Percy called him, big guy. He is a gentle giant – um, literally. Ok, getting back to the story, Grover and Percy have, ok, what is that word again…ok, I completely forgot, like an empathy thingie that links them together. Percy found out that Grover is been held underground and supposed to be a bride to this Cyclops, he is in the sea of monster (hence the title). Luckily, the place where Grover was, is the also place where they can find the golden fleece that can cure the poison in Thalia’s tree (which is technically is Thalia). They went on quest, which is supposed to be Clarrise’s quest, but you know Percy, he’ll go there, regardless. So they went on this ‘quest’ helped Grover, met Luke and his, um, bad company, some battle in between and save the day. Too much saving actually, instead of just curing Thalia, the tree, the fleece brought her back… in human form.

They kept mentioning this prophecy and apparently Percy will play a big part of it, hmmmm… so curious. Right now, I’m half of book four, by tomorrow, if I’m lucky, I already done the series. And since reviewers are saying that final book was the best, I’m really anxious and excited at the same time to read it. The book is awesome too, I’m just lacking words describe it, because it is just like the first book (no, not that it’s redundant). It still full of adventure, humor and classic mythology alteration, that I’m really getting fond of. It’s great, and you just want to hop into the next book (that I’m writing a review after this) which is, by the way, awesome. I kinda like the third book more. Ooops, guess I need to write the review right now…. or maybe later. Need some thought sorting, lol.

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