It was a lovely Friday, last week, for Tokyo Ghoul fan like me. I was bombed with truckload of feels when I received not just one but three amazing news. If I wasn’t completely obvious I’m HUGE TG fan. So yeah, I’m one of those sad fans who wept to the sudden demise of TG last month. Oh, what an agony it was to find out that the series you’d been looking forward every week was ending. A sad, harsh reality slapped me in the face. But alas, hints here and there were popping; enthusiastic fans had concluded, no it’s not the end—a sequel was on the horizon, leakage and everything else pointed to that direction. It is now s a fact. It is now a reality. Yes, we’re getting sequels. Plural! Because it’s not only the manga but also the anime (probable air date: January 2015). Although I’m very confused with anime as I heard it’s going to have an original plot yet still written by Sui-sensei. Oh whatever, I’m still happy with it.

And for the international fans like myself; VIZ Media announced that they’re releasing the manga in English. Awesome day for TG fan, I’m overwhelmed with so much presents (and it’s not even my birthday yet).

So I have read the first chapter of this sequel. Tokyo Ghoul:re. There’s something different, yet still retained that atmosphere. I must say that the first chapter is very…positive. I’m relieved that there’s no implied tragic ending anywhere which raises my hope that this time will get something different. Something bright & something happy.

Bu the million dollar question remains: where’s Kaneki?

I’m also one of those people who hope that this new lead character is our Kaneki. Donning a new appearance perhaps in accordance to his new outlook in life (as well his occupation) Sasaki Haise is Kaneki Ken. Not only do they look similar but something about him the yell Kaneki. I told my sister that maybe the peppered hairstyle means something (this is Sui we’re talking about the guy take symbolism quite seriously). Back in the first part, Kaneki (pre-Aogiri) has been clinging to his human side, desperately I may add. But the torture he received from Yamori and his mind implying that human traits wore him down—a weakness, made him embraced his ghoul side. And before the first part ended, Kaneki finally came in terms with his both side. That he finally accepted that he is both which makes Haise collected, calm and determined.

There’s so many questions came out after reading the first chapter. Of course the inevitable inquiries regarding the old cast are to be expected. Hinami and Ayato might’ve graced their presence but it raised more questions than answers. And the Quinx? Are they half ghouls or something similar yet different than what Kanou has experimented so far. Something more humane? Aaaah, I’m filled with questions and quite hungry for answers.

It started promising and it was delight that indeed a favorite of mine is still continuing. And the best part, it’s just the start so there’s more stuff to look forward to!