I think a post is warranted. It’s day 2 of not reading anything. I hadn’t touched a book in exactly 48 hours, which for me is really amazing surprising feat because ever since I’ve became this huge bookworm, my e-reader had never left my side. It’s always there with me whenever I wanted to read. While there was always a day that I couldn’t finish a book but I always read: be it pages, chapters, even just a paragraph. Bottom-line, I always read.

Then this happened: I watched Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人Shingeki no Kyojin)

Eren was so pissed. But I’m really impressed every time they used the 3DMG

My sister had been telling me to watch it. First, when she told me the gist, I was apprehensive. Giants eating human? Um, no please. I’m not good with gore. I’m easily shocked and queasy. But one night I tried to watch it. I ended up watching 10 episodes, and then finished the whole thing in 3 nights! And I’m now rewatching it in slow detail.

Yes, I’m watching anime again. It’s absolutely weird for me because I used to be this freaking huge otaku before books dominated my interest. But waning interest didn’t happen overnight. It started when my favorite series ended. It’s not just an ordinary series, it’s my absolute freaking favorite. Hey, I know it’s bound to end but I didn’t foresee it ending so suddenly (manga, especially popular ones, take years to end!) I was shocked, disappointed and ultimately sad. I was in the fandom for years! Years! Then suddenly Weekly Shonen Jump announced its demise? No freaking way. It shook me system alright. Then some of my fave series were also starting to end soon. And I don’t where to begin again when suddenly things just…stopped.

So I ended up so immersed on reading instead. I still read few manga that I follow but I wasn’t that enthusiastic like I was before. But Attack on Titan changed the ball game for me. I became suddenly interested again. I read two new shoujo series and unexpectedly gotten interested in a series I didn’t even give a chance before.

I watched: Gintama (銀魂Gintama)

tumblr_mrhxwiBS9J1saqds9o1_500I’ve chosen serious Gin-chan. This is gag manga. Dick jokes, poops and reference to BDSM are common!

Unlike Shingeki (which I adore mind you!), I’m so obsessed with it. Like, so much I’m thinking about it almost 24/7. (To sis: I think I can name 20 characters now!)

What the hell Mitchii, what is the relevance of this post anyway? Ah, right. You see I’m catching up, I have years worth of material to make up. Almost 300 episodes and almost 500 chapters—a decade worth of manga. And because I’m so obsessed I read and read. Watch and watch. (And I still need to start Shingeki, too!) Other interests need to wait. Gintoki is my priority right now. So yes, updates will be less than normal here. Unless I decided to share it with y’all. That is if you want it. *wiggles eyebrows*

I can’t get it out my system. And I don’t want to honestly. Hear this: I’ve been in this fandom way longer than I am with books. And it makes me so happy to remember these feelings. Visiting sites that I might have forgotten because of my fading interest before. And I’m also now listening to J-pop again! *shouts: SPYAIR I LOVE YOU!!!* I love it!

IT’S NICE TO BE BACK! *insert evil laughs*

PS: My Tumblr is very active. I love re-blogging!!!! <3

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12 Responses to The sleeping ‘titan’ has awakened.

  1. Kaniesha says:

    I first watched SNK myself back in Feb/March so I totally understand. I’ve never been much of an anime/manga fan though, I’ve only read 20 chapters of manga (FMA) and five or six animes (favorites being SNK and Soul Eater) but I totally get taking a break from reading to get back into other interests! 🙂

  2. Diane S. says:

    I heard good things about Shingeki no Kyojin, more so last year. I also wanted to get into this fandom but didn’t know where to begin.

  3. Shannelle C. says:

    Okay, seriously, that first GIF is so perfectly looped it looks unending. Nice work in finding that GIF Mitchii.

  4. Kezia D says:

    MITCHII HIGH FIVE. LOOK WHAT SHINGEKI HAS DONE TO US. (I’m more than happy that I discovered it though. I’m currently writing my review of it hehe ;D ) And the only songs that I’ve been playing recently is Kuroko soundtrack…. I just realized now that I truly miss Japanese songs and I sort of regret why I stopped learning Japanese 2 years ago. I’ve forgotten most of it now D:

    Ooh I only know one song from SPYAIR which is Last Moment because it was Bleach ending ><

    • Mitchii G. says:

      *double high five* No regrets here, too. You and my sister could be friends, she adores Kuroko (heard there’s a new anime series). Me too, me too! I miss listening to Japanese songs. I used to be good at pronouncing, now I have this stupid accent. But I’m trying to re-learn!!!

      Eeep, I need to know what’s going on with Bleach. >.<

  5. Jenna says:

    I don’t watch anime, but I love the feeling of finding a new fandom/interest! I’ve recently discovered Orange is the New Black. I haven’t looked too deeply into fandom yet because I’m afraid of spoilers, but as soon as I finish the first season, I’m heading over to Tumblr.

    (Shameless confession: I don’t read every day.)

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m loving tumblr now. There’s something so addicting with re-blogging. There’s always one post that summarizes my feelings. 😀

  6. Lesley Marie says:

    Isn’t Attack on Titan wonderful? I can’t wait for the second season and am currently going through the manga! MY WORLD IS FULL OF TITANS >:D And I really want to start watching (or reading) Gintama, but I’m intimidated by the size, haha. However, I will immerse myself in the dick jokes, poops, and references to BDSM one day! Hurrah!

    And I can see how the end of a favorite series could put a damper on your interest. I mean, I love anime and manga but when a series you love ends IT’S JUST SO FREAKING SAD! Especially when you have been following it for a long time. Right now, there is a manga, Pandora Hearts, that I have loved ever since I started reading manga, and it is about to end… My heart is dying already and I think I might have to take a break from anime and manga to recover ;_;

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Gintama is a weekly series so it only has 15-16 pages per chapter. I really enjoying it so the volumes didn’t intimidate me at all. Dick and poop jokes are rampant. It has a very adult humor nonetheless I enjoy it all! >.<

      Shingeki is so good, I can't even explain. It drew out the slumbering otaku in me and it's very active right now (so much I'm neglecting reading).

      It was so sad but the fact that ending was sudden and came out of nowhere. We were very shocked when they announced it. It sure dampened my spirit. But I'm glad the otaku in me is awake and kicking! 😀

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