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Author: Jennifer E. Smith Published: January 2nd 2012 by Poppy...

Author: Jennifer E. Smith
Published: January 2nd 2012 by Poppy

I’m a huge non-believer of love at first sight so I tried this one just to check if after I read this I’ll change my view about this whole falling in love with a stranger—a person you’ve just met.

Guess what? It didn’t.

Now, to break it to y’all, the book wasn’t entirely dreadful. There were fun, quirky parts but mostly are all too…I dunno, ok? (for the lack of better term) I still find it all too unreal to fall in love with a guy I just met. So okay, they fell in love within 24 hours, but still I rolled my eyes and asked, seriously? Ah, ok let me pretend that I’m ok with it. Moving on, after that I was going for the fun parts of this book and kinda ignore the whole set up of their romance. I assumed this one was just like Anna and French Kiss, that if you set aside the romance you can still enjoy it because the dialogues are funny and sensible. But, I’m sort of upset that it wasn’t. I wasn’t big fan of their complicated families, or their parents’ romantic misfortunes. It wasn’t really a good side story. So in the romance department I’m giving it a thumbs down because I did not enjoy it.

It was a fast read for me (even though it’s been on my currently reading for two weeks, the truth is, I didn’t touch this book until now). It’s rare that I give contemporary books less than three stars but this one, disheartening as it is, I have to, because it’s the honest way to go. The only thing I find nice was the part where they were talking about the topics they could talk about. About the cumulus clouds, or about the sun, which I really find very funny that almost everyone draws the sun like a wheel with sticks (as its rays) because I’m guilty of that as well. Or the fact the chicken flies just about 13 seconds, which my sister has been bragging about it, turned out she just picked up the info in this book (hala, huli ka!). I know these are completely random but those were nice tidbits. Admit it! *winks* But the whole parent’s thingie kinda threw me off. It could be a nice addition but the sad thing is, it was quite its downfall. I think it could be better…just don’t ask me how because I absolutely have no idea.

Who would have guessed that four minutes could change everything?

Because of that I went in anticipating, hopeful. I was really curious how it will work plus, the prologue sort of gave this serendipity, destiny kinda thing. *Oh my gosh, mr. cupid is working for them to meet, so sweet.* BUT it turns out it was just a very simple story, of two people who met, fell in love, both have family problems. Oliver was silent about it, whereas Hadley very adamant about it. It the end I liked they find their resolve, though I dislike that he brought up statistics in this thing. I love statistics, the only math related subject I’m quite good at.

Is it really a good topic for a research? Oh well.

PS: I SUPER LOVE THE COVER! I so love the font *typography geek mode on*