Blogger / Because in a way it’s fascinating to witness the number of visits I get.

You must be wondering why I ironically like to mention about stats when I always have cold reception towards it Because in a way, it’s fascinating to check the activities (rather than actual numbers) Where they came from. What posts people most favor. Those stuff. I added tracking code and post view snippet just recently…few months ago, iirc). It’s not for information to benefit my blog’s growth—which I numerously emphasized is not or never gonna be my priority. It’s mere curiosity.  The fact will sit for few moments then poof! I’ll continue with what I love to do best for my blog.

What I love about blogging it is my passion and creative outlet.  And I don’t think my objective will change in the near future (or even the far future) but I do take precautions, some outside resources do send out that information monthly. I do read it. So it’s kinda amusing to know the things that has been consistent throughout. And today, while I’m still not gonna change my view about my blog’s stats (and the purpose of it outside of just tracking visitors..bots…and you know the dangerous ones that my system blocks on the daily basis! So safeguard those blogs, bloggers!! ) I want to share these little tidbits I came to conclusion while reading my stats. It’s kinda interesting if I dare say so myself.

A lot of my visitors read my blog on their phones.

A whopping 68% or more than half of my visitor population read my blog on their smartphones! Gaaah! I know how important and convenient phones are. Unlike when it first came out, its function was restricted to calling…later on texting…and much, much later on snapping those selfies! It’s now a tiny computer that we can do almost anything with it. Heck, I even do blog writing via phone! So I understand that some people read blogs on their phones. It’s convenient! So responsive and mobile friendly design is not optional! It’s a must! I’ve been implementing responsive designs on my blog since 2014. And as the growth of mobile usage gets bigger, blog owners should take responsiveness as major design/development consideration (even at this time there are blogs that still keeping their desktop design while browsing on phones…better consider changing that or risk of losing impatient readers—I’m one of them!)

People want to know where to read the titles.

Every month I share you my reading list. Before it was even a standalone feature. And with that search engines crawl my site and gather those keywords. I often get search keywords like: “where to read *insert title here*” “English translation of *insert title here*”*insert title here* read in *unofficial manga resource page here*” and so and so forth. I download my manga either on ebookjapan (now) or where I also buy my physical manga (also yesasia and cdjapan + occasional travel manga loots). When it comes to webtoons, I read them on their official apps: Naver/Webtoons, Lezhin, Daum, Spotoon (now TappyToons), Web Comics, etc. I do read unofficial or on fan translated sources. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m squeaky clean manga/webtoon reader. It’s all gray matter y’know! But yeah, it’s  combination of both. And yes, I do read an insane amount, and yes, I still do feel that “I have nothing read” dilemma once in a while.

People seems to like my “spotlight” review.

Ah, I always get hits from some of my monthly spotlight feature (like this one). I kinda get why, ‘cos it’s some sort of unfiltered and unrestricted fangirl gushing about my recent favorite reads. Admittedly I kinda want to revive it but I kinda don’t because it resembled so much of my reviewing format that made me unmotivated to do it. However, I do occasionally do special list posts (like this recent mature reads feature—which also gaining views as of speaking or this college romance webtoons). Expect those kinds from time to time! In that way I can share thoughts without getting way too unnecessarily verbose.