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Title:  The Taker (Book 1) The Reckoning (Book 2) Author:...

Title:  The Taker (Book 1) The Reckoning (Book 2)
Author: Alma Katsu
Series:(The Taker trilogy #1 & #2)
Published: September 6th 2011 (Book 1); April 2nd 2012 (Book 2)
Publisher: Gallery Books
Categories:  Paranormal, Historical Fiction

Part me was shocked and a small dark part of me was mad. I don’t know exactly what to say about this book. I don’t even know what possessed me to read this book. I haven’t read any reviews of this book so I don’t have any expectations. In fact I have absolutely no idea what I’m about to read. So when I finish the two books I was so flabbergasted that this book is like…that.

This book is sort of an enigma to me. But one thing I’m sure of is that the book’s theme is dark. Very dark. It tackled love in the ugliest ways. The characters that loved and were loved in this book were tangled in web of lies, deceit and carnal obsession.  I don’t like anyone of them. They irked me, and even made me furious. Their decisions and how they handled the situation want me to bang my head and question their sanity. What were they thinking?! If the book’s intention was to show that love can be horrid emotion then I applauded it because for me it worked. That being said, I don’t think that whatever it is they are feeling for each other is love (at least according to my description).

The first book The Taker felt as it was a long prelude of the real story (I thought the story has ended after book two, then I found out this is a trilogy and I’m not quite sure I’m up for the challenge of continuing it…let’s see). It started with Luke, a doctor and he met a girl who was suspected of murder. Lanore McIlvrae or Lanny asked Luke to help her escape. She told him that she killed the guy she loved but it was to make him free. To get his complete trust Lanny told her about her past and her true nature. She is an immortal. She has been living for centuries now and it all happened when she met Adair, a powerful aristocrat. He has the knowledge of alchemy. He was the reason why she was an immortal. When her family found out she was pregnant and the father of her child was an engaged man, they shipped her to Boston. She met Adair there, became his plaything until she got sick. But Adair was far too interested to let her die. So he cured him and now she’s living an endless life.

But she wanted extricate herself from him, so she deceived him and let him sleep for two hundred years. In the second book The Reckoning, Adair has woken up and he was furious. He wanted Lanny badly so he sought her. When he finally got her, he found out that she’s in love with somebody else. He asked her to be with her to save Luke’s life so she did. But after months being together Adair realized that he cannot force Lanny to love him, so he set her free.

From not including those horrible details, you’ll get an impression that Adair was just a lonely guy and just madly in love with Lanny. Nope, not even close. If I were to be blunt, he was obsessed with her. He used her in all sort of ways. Introduced her to sexual activities (and not just limited to the two of them, gender or age). But if you’re asking if it was graphic? No, not really. It wasn’t descriptive but it wasn’t elusively worded either. Adair was evil incarnate. He uses people for pleasure (and not just sex). He’s mad and he’s a frightening character.  I do not like his character and even if I found what make him what he is (justifiable in a way I couldn’t comprehend how) I don’t think my first impression would change. My stance is solid. He’s bad. Bad, bad, bad.

I don’t understand Lanny. At all. I don’t know why she loved Jonathan. He’s not good for her, he was just using her. Jonathan is not a good guy, he’s married and still having an affair (with a married woman no less!!). But what I think his redeeming part is that he, at one point was honest with Lanny that he cannot love her the way she loved him. And then there’s Luke, the doctor. I don’t understand how she arrived to that conclusion that she’s in love with him. I do not see anything that shows love. They were into each other, yes, but that’s all there is. Now how will that convince me?

This one’s dark. And it caught me off guard plenty of times. And those times were not pleasant times…to say the least. I’m quite amazed with myself that I managed to finish the book (two books!) in one day. Then again, one of the book’s charms (for the lack of better word) is that it didn’t falter. It rendered me shocked…but those moments made me mad. Gosh, I hate all the characters. No one to empathize!!!

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